Tiny Action: Save Net Neutrality

While Americans and friends around the world come together to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, the FCC is making major moves to reverse net neutrality rules that preserve an open and fair internet -- and it’s looking even worse than we expected.

This week, speak up to DEFEND net neutrality.

1. Call and email FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai: +1 202 418 1000, [email protected], along with FCC Members [email protected] and [email protected]

“Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a concerned American from [your voting location]. I'm calling to express my extreme concern that the FCC is trying to kill net neutrality as well as strong oversight of ISPs. An open internet is important for equitable access to the resources and information available on it. Thank you for your time and attention.”

Of the FCC’s five members, these are the three to target. The other two (women!) have already said they will vote against rolling back net neutrality - with one even calling for your help.

In addition to the sample text provided here, we encourage you to make your message personal if you can and ask that you include your FULL US voting address when sending email/voicemail.  

2. Call your Senators and your Representative and tell them that this is important to you, too.

“My name is [NAME] and I vote in [ZIP CODE/STATE]. I’m calling because I support ‘Title Two’ net neutrality rules and I would like you to publicly oppose the FCC's plan to repeal them. I understand that [MoC/Senator] may be limited inhis/her abilities to demand certain actions from the FCC, but this is a critical issue that will impact how I vote in the future. I ask the [MoC/Senator] to:
1. Contact the FCC Chairman and demand that he abandon his current plan and cancel the December vote.
2. Publicly push for open hearings across the nation, in advance of any sort of vote.
3. Introduce a telecoms bill that will address what the FCC is trying to roll back."

If the FCC ends up revoking its authority to enforce net neutrality, it will be up to Congress to reform the law to ensure protections. Tell your reps how much you value net neutrality -- especially if they sit on the Senate Commerce Committee or House Commerce Committee.


What is net neutrality?
We’ve shared a lot of info about net neutrality before. Net neutrality prevents internet service providers (such as Comcast or AT&T) from controlling what reaches consumers at what speed. It also: 

  • Prevents the richest organizations and corporations from controlling the internet.  
  • Stops wealthy, extreme lobbying groups. from blocking access to accurate information they don’t like.
  • Ensures small businesses, low-income individuals and much of rural America have access to more affordable, reasonably fast internet.  

Why does it matter?
We need the open internet to foster job growth, competition, innovation and to protect our rights. It means activists can turn out thousands of people in the streets at a moment’s notice.  And small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs can launch businesses, create markets, advertise, and reach customers. Without net neutrality, the internet would be changed from a free space to one controlled entirely by corporate interests.

Earlier this year, comment periods were spammed with hundreds of thousands of anti-neutrality messages from fake or stolen identities. Many, including NY’s AG Eric Schneiderman, argue that this was unfair and even unlawful, but that makes it all the more important that we are as vocal about this issue as we can be. 


As always, our aim is to turn tiny actions into big results, so we hope we can continue to count on your help! Do you have suggestions for our next tiny action? Email info at democratsabroad dot org and let us know.