Universal health care experience living in 5 other countries #DAresists #Medicare4all

I grew up in California but left the US with my New Zealand husband in 1992 for a 'few years' overseas. I have since lived in Germany, the UK, New Zealand, France and now Australia. Two of our three sons have a serious chronic illness which means we have a need for excellent, reliable and accessible health care. Fellow Americans have often asked me when I have returned for visits why we haven't moved back to the US, given our kids' significant health issues. The inaccessible and non-patient friendly US health care system has been one of the major disincentives for us when we have considered a move back to America. The rhetoric about long waiting times and poorer quality health care overseas has not been something we have experienced. I can't help but think that when Americans finally get a proper, universally available and affordable health system they will realise that they have suffered without this for far too long. The rest of the world understands this. Health care is a human right. It enables everyone to have a chance at a full and healthy life. We need this type of health care system in the US. There is nothing to fear!