VA election update and more

Virginia’s 28th House District race remains undecided. Currently the VA House Democratic Caucus has filed suit with the Stafford County electoral board for mishandling their absentee ballots and it appears that hundreds of voters may have voted the wrong ballot. Three recounts are underway in Virginia's state legislature, threatening the Republicans' 51/49 advantage in the House. Many thanks to the Comms team, and especially Amanda Mohar, for their help with our outreach this weekend. It led to great connections with grass roots leaders on social media, and good conversations with several media orgs, including DemList, who made the issue their lead story on Monday after we spoke with them.

This week’s Tiny Action encourages us to call our Senators and stand against Trump’s judicial nominee Brett Talley, the environmental council nominee Kathleen Hartnett White, and Jim Bridenstine at NASA.

If you are traveling next week and heading through London, don’t miss the opportunity to meet up with Mayor Pete Buttigieg (South Bend, Indiana), who is meeting with DA members next Friday at 12:30pm for a DAUK fundraiser. 

Have you browsed through the auction offerings yet? We have more than 120 to choose from, thanks to your wonderful generosity and the indomitable energy of the auction team! The Global auction starts on November 24th and the team is still accepting donationsWomen’s Caucus calendars are also on sale still. Check them out – deliveries still possible before Christmas!

Many thanks to our fantastic phone bankers for Alabama – Dean Shuey (Philippines) tops the list, followed by Paul Miller (CZ) and Wendy Abondolo (UK). The Czech Republic leads country committees in callers – dekuju to that local team!! If you’re interested in calling, there are still calls to make for both the Americas and EMEA (Dean has wrapped up AP). Sign up on our phone banking page and get started!

Mark your calendars

DA Global Auction – November 24th to December 3rd
Alabama Senate seat election – December 12th

Fab Facts
Democrats have flipped 33 state legislative seats from red to blue in 2017 so far.
Doug Jones is ahead of Roy Moore by 12 points in Alabama senate race poll (from the NRSC).