International Vice Chair - Steve Nardi - Democrats Abroad



Name:                  Steve Nardi

Gender:                 Male

                         IG:  @steve_in_to

Member since:         1995

Country/Countries:  Canada



I’ve held manager, director, vice president, and chief operating officer positions across organizations from tech start-ups to Fortune 500. Most of my career has involved managing cross-border operations with team members who lived and worked remotely. My experience also includes producing industry-leading multiple-day marketing conferences for the travel and tourism industry. My volunteer work beyond DA has primarily been with Hospice Toronto for 26+ years. During that time, I served as a director on the board for 15 years, serving as Board Chair through two rotations (9 years), including a period of organizational rebuilding. I’ve also served multiple terms as Chair of the Fund Development committee plus as Co-Chair of their signature gala. In addition, I am leading the launch of a federal not-for-profit attached to the hospice focused on identifying resiliency support tools for clients and caregivers through research and innovation. 


Describe your volunteer work with DA and cite your greatest DA accomplishment.

Joining the Toronto chapter in 2012, I was welcomed and quickly became involved, progressing from volunteer to Member-at-Large. Later, I served as Co-Vice Chair, then Chapter Chair. In 2017, I was elected Canada Country Chair, serving two terms, and had the privilege of a partial term as RVC for the Americas.

Leading a diverse team of 40+ dedicated leaders across 5.5 time zones virtually was an extraordinary experience. Over four years, we increased membership by 40%, established student clubs, operated our first campaign office, engaged a former Ambassador and a world-champion NBA team in our GOTV efforts, phonebanked 100% of the membership, ran a webinar series generating ample funding, and many other milestones. Chapters collaborated unprecedentedly, supporting each other to surpass objectives. With a fantastic volunteer team, Canada exceeded expectations, achieving remarkable results. I am immensely proud of our accomplishments and grateful for having the opportunity to contribute. 


Why are you running for this office?

I reflected deeply over time, asking myself this question, always coming to the same answer. It’s simple, actually: Martha McDevitt-Pugh. Having worked with Martha since early in my DA volunteering life, I have come to know her as a welcoming person whose leadership principles and values closely align with mine. We both believe that in Democrats Abroad, anyone willing should be encouraged and supported to contribute, regardless of when or how they arrived. Martha’s approach for significant organizational changes to occur collaboratively with all affected stakeholders, respecting we are far from a “one size fits all” organization, aligns with one of my cornerstones for effective leadership. Organizational decisions result in unintended consequences without open communication and collaboration with all stakeholders. Martha’s candidacy has reignited my energy for what’s possible and inspired me to seek this contributing role to her efforts. Communication, collaboration, good governance, valuing and respecting our volunteers, and strengthening our organizational culture are core values that Martha and I share, plus a positive vision for DPCA’s future. Along with our complementary skill sets and experiences, we offer the choice of a dynamic leadership team for DA. 


How will your skill sets and experience contribute to DA’s success?

I understand how mobilizing DA volunteers, resources, and innovation will be critical for our success in 2024. Through my professional and not-for-profit volunteer career experiences, including several involving virtual teams and cross-border operations, I have developed proven strategic and operational leadership experience and bring a deep understanding of developing people and resources while fostering growth to deliver results. My keystone for success in leadership roles has been respect and gratitude for the team and each team member. So many of our accomplishments would have been my misses without the group's collaborative contributions. Those principles are magnified for me when it involves volunteers. We have an incredible challenge and opportunity ahead of us. DA has an extensive pool of talented, passionate members who need to be invited to and find a welcoming place at the table if we are to produce the level of effort required to achieve our mission in 2024 successfully. 


Should you be elected, are there any DA organizational or practical issues (not political goals) that you would like to address?

As a leader, part of good governance is leaving an organization in a stronger position than when you arrived. Being a virtual organization, we must ensure a repository for digital assets & source documentation to share knowledge for leaders of today and tomorrow on best practices and the efforts and outcomes achieved by our leaders and volunteers, so not all wheels are new, and we stop learning as we go. Fiduciary responsibilities are part of the good governance practices required of a DA leader. DA needs informative financial reports with audited annual statements, and as leaders, we need to be accountable to a fixed budget with expenses and projected revenues. We also need to enhance the DA culture by fostering open communication and collaboration in the decision-making process of the ExCom. Collaboration is a crucial element of good governance – cultivating openness, providing accountability to our members, and ensuring inclusiveness. As a partner on this journey with Martha McDevitt-Pugh, these are achievable as Martha is equally a prophet for good governance practices – maximizing our organizational impact and minimizing risk as we grow. I will also contribute my conference planning skills to identifying an improved experience and outcome for global meetings. 


How can Democrats Abroad best raise our profile among American voters abroad and better work to elect Democrats?

  • Build on past successes while nurturing new initiatives rather than focusing primarily on creating new ones.
  • Exploit no-cost “low hanging fruit” opportunities:
    • Former ambassadors who generate impactful earned media
    • Contact HR departments at global banks, law firms, architecture firms, etc., in CC's likely to have US citizens on staff. Leverage the VFA brand with their civic responsibility to inform Americans of their right to vote
  • Consistent communications support for CCs with guidance for media, digital, and social engagement
  • Successful initiatives executed in CCs may be shared regionally, but awareness globally is mute. Create opportunities for conversations among CCs to learn from and be inspired by others.
  • Recognize Voter Assistance & Voter Protection teams go to the core of our mission and must be active and resourced across administrations.
  • Collaboratively resolve outstanding challenges of FEC direction so impacted CCs can confidently focus their efforts on GOTV.



Endorsement from Inge Kjemtrup - DAUK Chair (2017-21), DPCA Representative (2021-present), ECCC Steering Committee

I am thrilled to endorse Steve Nardi for Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad.

From the very first conversation I had with Steve when we both were elected CC chairs in the aftermath of the 2016 election, it was clear I was speaking with an exceptional leader – a strategic thinker, a problem solver, a person who inspires everyone who comes into his orbit. 

In these conversations, we would compare notes about the challenges we faced as new chairs. As if we were sailing the ocean that lies between us, we spent some time in each conversation “iceberg spotting” – trying to see, and avoid, the obstacles ahead before they hit. I always left a conversation with Steve feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Whenever Steve talks about volunteers, there is genuine excitement in his voice. Steve believes that grass-roots activism is what makes DA successful. As chair, he empowered volunteers across Canada. Just call Steve and ask about volunteers, and you’ll hear that excitement too.

We keep learning from each other. DAUK’s campaign office model informed Canada’s efforts in 2018, while Steve’s volunteer and chapter management techniques transformed my views. We are both invested in the other’s success. This exemplifies what Steve will bring as Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad.

With Steve, we will all succeed together, lifting each other up as we give it our all to win in 2024.

Steve comes with my highest recommendation and I urge you to vote for him for Vice Chair. 


Endorsement from Carmelan Polce - DA Australia Voting Rep

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Steve Nardi of DA Canada for the Democrats Abroad office of International Vice Chair.

I met Steve for the first time in 2016 when we were both attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He immediately impressed me! Who is this sparkling ball of energy with the curly blonde hair!?! He was everywhere; helping to organise our group meetings, sharing information about logistics, distributing materials and bringing relief to our ongoing transport challenges with his deep and infectious laugh. He made a great first impression and I was delighted to hear that he’d been elected as chair of DA Canada.

As Chair of DA Canada, amongst his many other leadership successes, Steve pioneered the introduction of a tax-based webinar series for members on a wide range of related topics.His innovation gave rise to DA’s institutionalised tax information webinars which are not onlyvalued by members in need of tax support but also valued as reliable fundraisers. We have Steve to thank for this remarkable innovation.

Steve’s not only a thoughtful, innovative and insightful leader, he is also kind, engaging and a lot of fun. We will be very well served having someone with Steve’s wonderful bundle of lot of fun. We will be very well served having someone with Steve’s wonderful bundle of skills, knowledge and personal traits on the ExCom and providing support, advice and skills, knowledge and personal traits on the ExCom and providing support, advice and camaraderie to our next International Chair.

I look forward to casting my vote for Steve for International Vice Chair on June 11th.


Endorsement from Julie Buchanan - DPCA Voting Rep, Past Executive Vice-Chair, Past Co-Vice Chair DA Canada, Past Chapter Chair, DA Canada - Toronto

I've worked alongside Steve Nardi since his first DA volunteer activity in 2012 and enthusiastically endorse him for International Vice Chair of the DPCA. Steve's commitment to inclusivity and valuing every member's voice is unparalleled. In addition, he consistently seeks solutions and compromises, collaborating with ntegrity and respect to achieve our goals.

Steve's dedication is evident in his tireless work ethic and willingness to take on any responsibility. His entrepreneurial skills were instrumental in establishing a successful campaign office in Toronto, showcasing his organizational prowess and innovative thinking.

As a skilled listener, Steve approaches discussions with empathy and thoughtfulness, delving into the background and history of issues and ensuring well-informed decisions. In addition, he fearlessly tackles challenges, including leading CA through a successfully reimagined GOTV strategy during the pandemic.

His election as the first LGBTQ+ Vice Chair of the DPCA, alongside Martha McDevitt-Pugh as the first LGBTQ+ Chair, would be a historical testament to DA's commitment to inclusivity.

With Steve as Intl Vice Chair, I'm confident he can lead and bring about positive change. DA will continue to thrive and grow under his guidance. So let us proudly support Steve Nardi for Intl Vice Chair, knowing he will tirelessly advocate for our organization and its members.