Thank you for visiting our Virtual Museum page! We are thrilled to share with you several “virtual exhibits” of current and historical significance to the Democrats Abroad Global Veterans & Military Families (VMF) Caucus, such as photos of only a sample of those proudly identifying with our special community, photos of a few of our past events, some VMF-created artwork, VMF documents, and VMF-related actions since we officially became recognized in 2018, and more. 

The virtual exhibits all comprise one or more main themes of: HONOR & RESPECT, VOLUNTEERING & ACTIVISM, PATRIOTISM & HISTORY. It is under these themes that future additions to the virtual museum will be incorporated.

Have a scroll through the several images and please feel free to share this page with others. We hope you enjoy learning about us, and if you are an overseas veteran, servicemember, military family member, or ally of veterans and military families, we hope to get to know you, too. If you feel like our community is for you, consider signing up with the VMF Caucus here. And if you are already a VMF member, thank you for being a part of the family!

If you are a Democrats Abroad member and would like to be included in these highlighted exhibits, please know you are welcome to participate and we would encourage you to contact us with sharing your military story along with any relevant photos or willingness to assist in any of our efforts (e.g. virtual museum, advocacy, voter registration, language translation, writing/editing, etc.).

Questions related to the VMF Virtual Museum, the Democrats Abroad Veterans & Military Families Caucus, how to find and/or contact your specific Members of Congress, how to become more involved with VMF volunteering, or how to request an overseas voting ballot as a civilian or Armed Services member abroad – all of these can be directed to: [email protected].