November 27, 2022

December 2022 Poem

Poetry in large letters surrounded by books and a typewriter


The Founders' Rules

Our founders set rules for this country of ours,
Rules that had once made us great,
But the weakness of man made America
A target for hostility and hate.

The Constitution is no longer followed;
It limits the power some need;
The people in office want to rule, not to serve;
It's mostly a matter of greed.

Lying and stealing is how most of them work,
And it seems they are having a ball;
We the people were sleeping, not watching, too trusting,
And now we seem in for a fall.

But it isn't too late; we should never give up;
We still have the power to win.
If we just do our part, we the people have strength;
We can fix this big mess that we're in.

If together we stand, and strive hand in hand,
We can save this land that we love,
So let's come together and fight for what's right,
And let's pray for some help from above.

by Karl Fuchs