June 2023 Poem

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I Know The Way Out

By David Rose

A PTS warrior fell into a well
Being trapped he started to yell

Many people walked by
But no one answered his cry

Finally a lawyer ran past
The warrior had to talk fast

"Will you help me out?"
"Here's my card. I'm on a steady route."

Then a priest heard the warrior's plea.
The warrior knew he would be free.

"Will you help me out?" The warrior asked.
He threw down a prayer card as he passed.

The warrior then noticed a doctor walking by.
Surely this man will be my ally.

"Will you help me out?" The warrior said.
The doc threw down a script for two before bed.

The warrior was discouraged and about to quit.
When he noticed a war brother at the top of the pit.

"Can you help me out?" The warrior asked one last time.
"Please help me out of this messy slime."

The warrior on the top jumped into the well too.
"Why did you do that? What's wrong with you?"

"Rest easy my brother. Don't have a doubt.
I've been here before. I know the way out."

Inspired by Gunny Hammer

From a collection of original poetry from Vietnam War Veteran, David Rose, diagnosed with PTSD by the Veterans Administration, who wanted to make the poems available to the public as an educational tool to everyone who is interested. It is his sincere wish that someone will find his heart-felt writings useful.