February 25, 2023

VMF March 2023 Spotlight


Resources for Federal Employees


Standards of Ethical Conduct

As an employee, you cannot use your position with the Government for your own personal gain or for the benefit of others. This includes family, friends, neighbors, and persons or organizations that you are affiliated with.

When may I reference my title when acting in my personal capacity?

  • When teaching, speaking, or writing, you may refer to your Government title or position as one of several biographical details in order to help identify you. But, it should be given no more prominence than other biographical details.
  • When asked to provide a letter of recommendation (either an employment recommendation or a character reference), you may sign it using your Government title when the recommendation is based upon your personal knowledge of someone you have dealt with in the course of Federal employment or someone whom you are recommending for Federal employment.
  • If you are ordinarily addressed using a general term of address, such as “The Honorable,” or a rank, such as a military or ambassadorial rank, you may use that term of address or rank in connection with a personal activity.

You may not work on particular Government matters in which you, your spouse or minor child, or certain others have a financial interest.