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November 2022 Poem


The Statue of Liberty Speaks


I was driving past New York Harbor today,

When I heard a clear, strong voice.

"Hey you!" It said; "Listen to me!"

"You have to make a choice."


Startled I was, but curious,

So I turned and looked out to sea;

The Statue of Liberty came into view,

And this icon was frowning at me.


"When I first came here," the great lady said,

"Freedom was everywhere.

Now fascists seize your liberties;

Americans, you must beware!"


"Do what it takes to push them back;

Make every sacrifice,

For once your freedom is dead and gone,

You’ll wish you’d paid the price."


"It’s time to take your country back;

Patriots arise!"

Then her face went blank, but before it did,

I thought I saw tears in her eyes.


by Joanna Fuchs



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