November 05, 2022

Voting in the 2022 Midterms

All Americans Abroad Can Vote in the Midterms

November 5, 2022:  It is not too late for you to vote, no matter where you are! YOU can help stop the Republican red tide by voting. Every American citizen can vote in the midterms. Whether you vote in a blue state or a red state, we need your vote. Let's keep the "election deniers" - more than 50% of the GOP candidates - out of office.

There is still time to send your ballot or a FWAB/Backup Ballot if you are already registered.

Send your ballot home: If your ballot must be returned by mail, you can still send your ballot in by courier. Courier discounts are available to voters in several countries. More info here.
Many states also accept faxed ballots or have an online system to upload your ballot - click here to find your options!

If you need help, we have you covered: check out our Voting Abroad 101 and get live assistance on Zoom here every day from today through November 8th:

Need help figuring out who to vote for? Build Your Ballot with Blue Voter Guide. The site can help voters in AZ, CA, GA, FL, NC, NV, PA, TX, or WI. For other states, check Ballotpedia's Sample Ballot.

This year, Democratic Candidates at all levels in every state are incredibly talented and diverse. Here is a snapshot of some of the high-level candidates.

We can’t know what moves you to vote, but here’s some information on some of the biggest issues in the election. Please share these short summaries and their links with everyone you know who can vote, both at home and overseas!

It’s the Economy, Stupid: Here are some hard facts and figures about where the US economy actually is. Inflation has been basically flat in the USA over the past three months, and real wages have gone up. The unemployment rate now matches its lowest level in 50 years at 3.5%, down from 6.4% when Biden took office. The economy has created 10 million jobs since the President took office, including almost 700,000 manufacturing jobs. 17 states are below 3% unemployment. Read more here.

Many countries around the world are being hit by inflation right now due to the post-covid recovery and invasion of Ukraine, and the USA is doing relatively well in a global context. This doesn’t mean people don’t have it hard, but that this is a global, not just a national (aka Democratic) problem. In fact, the Democratic party is taking real steps to address inflation, whereas the GOP’s only ideas are to cut Medicare and Social Security.

Roe vs. Wade: President Biden agrees that Congress should codify Roe vs. Wade into Federal law. But this cannot be done if we lose the Senate, where the Women's Health Protection Act is waiting to be voted on - it was passed by the House months ago.

Why should you care? In over 26 states, a woman can be prosecuted for getting an abortion, and personal data such as period tracking apps can be used to try to prove that a woman had an illegal abortion, regardless of what actually happened. Minors and women of color who had miscarriages have already been accused of - and prosecuted for - having illegal abortions in some states.
Vote for your sisters, daughters, and friends - vote for their freedom to access reproductive health medical care.

Cannabis: Another important, if under-covered, issue on the ballot this year is cannabis legalization. Being arrested for the crime of simple possession is one of the biggest on-ramps to prison for many, which is precisely why the USA has such a large and vast prison population. It’s also an issue that massively and disproportionately impacts people of color. At many, many levels, cannabis legalization is a justice issue.

Marijuana is completely outlawed in just 13 states—with no allowances for medical or recreational use. See which states and find and get more information here.

Representation Matters: Whether you are Black, Asian, LGBTQIA+, Progressive, disabled, Hispanic, female, or yes, white and male - representation matters. It matters in elected officials, it matters in education, it matters in our daily lives. Do you want your voice, your opinions, and your experiences to be represented? VOTE, and please help your friends and family to vote.

Need language assistance for someone? We’ve covered you in Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi, and more! AAPI Multilingual Voter Hotline: 1-888-274-8683 or see Spanish Overseas Voter Information: Votar del Extranjero.

Click here to see a short list of articles on the historical diversity of the 2022 midterms, including the full list of the 196 veterans running for office.

Whatever issues are important to you, don’t let this election pass without casting your vote!