GWC Celebrates Black History Month

GWC is proud to join with other Americans in celebrating Black History Month.  Below are links to a list of books, news stories and podcasts that commemorate the history and achievements of African-American women:  

  • The Zora Canon, named after famous author African-American writer Zora Neale Hurston, is a list of 160 years of novels, plays, poetry, by African-American women. View the list here: The Zora Canon.


  • 15 Books to Read by Black Female American Writers:This curated list includes some of the best and most impactful works by Black American women writers. 


  • The Reid This, Reid That Podcast is hosted by renowned journalist Joy-Ann Reid and her friend Jacque Reid. The co-hosts discuss a variety of cultural and political issues, and their latest podcast provides their take on Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy for President. 



  • NPRs award-winning Code Switch podcast, co-hosted by journalist Shereen Marisol Meraji, is a podcast about race, identity, culture and politics.


  • African-American women have had global influence on popular music. Check out this Afropunk article about the role of Black women in American rock music, and listen to Spotify’s #BlackGirlMagic playlist to hear music by contemporary Black women musicians.