You can help amplify President Biden's accomplishments by using this easy-to-use app. This is an easy process to create/receive content from the DNC and communicate through the Greenfly app. Please open this link on a phone or tablet.

Here's what you'll need to do to get started:

  • Download the Greenfly app on your phone
  • When prompted, enter the unique invite code: DEMSDEMS
  • Set up your profile and allow notifications

Once you have made your profile on Greenfly, you can access our best creative assets, like the video on President Biden's accomplishments, for you to amplify on your own social media accounts. 

And no need to worry - Greenfly will not store any of your personal social login credentials in the app, nor will it share on your behalf. 

Attached, you'll find an easy one-sheet for your reference. For your convenience, here is a video on using Greenfly, but we know you'll find it very intuitive.


Happy Sharing!