Below is an example of what you could write to your favorite podcast or Youtube show. Please feel free to write whatever you think is best.


Hi xxx


I love your podcast/YouTube channel. I'm a (member of/volunteer) for the organization Democrats Abroad. We are working on getting the Democratic overseas vote for the 2024 elections. I’ve been listening to /watching your podcast/watching your show for years, so I know you’re just as freaked out about (Add topic, e.g., climate emergency, democracy, women's rights) as I am.  

I was wondering if you could mention to your audience and followers that Now is the time for Americans living abroad to register and request your absentee ballot for the 2024 presidential elections. They can go to It takes less than 5 minutes. Ask for your ballot to be delivered by email.

Also, if you could share this meme with your followers on social media, that would be great. I can’t be the only American expat who listens to your show, and so many Americans who live outside of the US don’t know they can vote in every election.

Democrats Abroad is the margin of victory in many elections. With the ( name problem) and the ongoing threats to democracy, we need democrats to maintain legislative control of our (or the American) government.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thanks so much for your time,

Your name