Launch of the GWC's Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative

We are pleased to announce the launch of the GWC's Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative.

Expanding leadership and economic opportunities for women, across race and geography, and rooting out systemic biases that shut women out, is a priority for the Global Women’s Caucus and Democrats Abroad overall. Important policy recommendations to address these systemic inequities can be found throughout the 2020 Democrats Abroad Platform from, taxation to wage equality to education.

We must translate these recommendations to action to ensure voters understand the issues and the recommended policy changes. This new initiative will draw attention to, and advocate for, policy recommendations that address systemic inequities and promote equity and fairness for women. We will especially focus on issues impacting women of color, a segment of the American population for whom unjust discriminatory practices and policies throughout history have limited their prosperity and inclusion in arenas of leadership.

We have an opportunity to make the election of a woman to Madam Vice President more than a celebration, but a Call-to-Action on behalf of women at home and abroad. The new Biden-Harris administration believes that equity for women is paramount: it has established a Gender Policy Council; appointed and promoted more women to key cabinet and administrative positions than ever before and passed the American Rescue Plan that will lift millions of women and their families out of poverty. This is a watershed moment for improving women’s economic condition and placement at the tables of leadership, if we want it

To capitalize on a return to Democratic leadership, and with the opportunity of the new White House Gender Policy Council to push for gender equality, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative.

Join us as we capture this moment into a movement. Help us position women’s economic well-being and leadership as a priority area for the Party of democrats, which is the Party of Women! 

For more information about the Initiative or to volunteer, contact Pat White ([email protected]) or Carol Moore ([email protected]).

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To advocate for women’s economic empowerment in order to achieve, and possibly exceed, the policy goals for American women that are documented and adopted in the 2020 Democrats Abroad Platform.
FOCUS AREAS TO MEET MISSION: With the 2020 Democrats Abroad (DA) Platform as the blueprint for action, we will:
DA members on issues and conditions that serve as barriers to women’s economic well-being and leadership and the intersectionality of issues across the Platform that further limit women’s opportunities.
members in individual and collective activism for economic policy goals for women as well as their increased representation in leadership and politics. 
DA members of policy proposals and legislation that advance women’s economic well-being and leadership, in particular women of color. 
with elected and appointed officials at all levels of government who advance policy proposals, directives, and legislation in alignment with the adopted Platform and workgroups of DA. 
candidates with demonstrated history of advocating for issues that advance women’s economic wellbeing and leadership in public and private sectors.