What Still Unites the U.S.? - A Discussion

By Renee van Amburgh

What still unites the U.S.? On December 12th, Americans and community members gathered at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (DAZ) in Stuttgart to find out. Chair of the Stuttgart Chapter of Democrats Abroad, Kelsey McLendon, and Republicans Overseas member Dr. Michael Pierce discussed what could bring the parties together in an era of polarized politics. The lively debate was moderated by communications specialist Gregory Lemon and covered an array of subjects from healthcare, to favorite Christmas movies, to impeachment. 

There was much to hear from the panelists, and there was also active audience engagement by way of questions and comments. Throughout the debate, the messages remained positive and cordial on both sides of the aisle, even when controversial issues were brought to the fore. 

So, what does still unite the U.S.? Many proposals arose during the discussion, but the most salient unifying factor was American values. While the two parties may disagree on policies to actualize those values, how to solve social issues, or what constitutes progress, one thing is certain: our shared values and uniquely American experience still unites us. No matter what corner of the world we live in today, our hearts still beat red, white, and (especially) blue!

Democrats Abroad would like to extend a huge thank you to the DAZ, speakers, audience, and moderator for organizing and participating in this debate!