January 21, 2022

Women Keep Marching

January 21 marks the anniversary of the Women’s March of 2017, held in protest the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president. Demonstrations to highlight the threat to civil, human, and reproductive rights took place not only in Washington, DC, but in cities and towns around the United States and across the world. I was heartened by the turnout and enthusiasm of the Women’s March here in my adopted hometown of Barcelona. We were upset and had to demonstrate our angst and frustration in whatever way we were able. 

Now it’s 2022 and, in some ways, it seems that things are not improving for women; in fact, in some areas, things seem to be backsliding. But to celebrate this very important date, and to keep positive, I’ve decided to dwell on the good stuff.

At the top of the list is the fact that Trump has been voted out of office, and we have a female vice president in Kamala Harris. We trust that the first woman president is not far away. 

Women can now be found in greater numbers in all areas of work and life. Television, for example, is full of crack female reporters and interviewers. The MeToo movement has brought gross injustices in the news casting and entertainment industry to the forefront.  

Nearly 60% of university students in the US are women. Here in Spain, there are more women than men studying in traditionally male-dominated fields such as law and medicine.  

Abortion rights are under attack, but there is now an abortion pill that (in part thanks to Covid) is becoming more widely available and easier to obtain. 

A new US quarter-dollar coin is coming out that features the poet Maya Angelou, and women are being remembered and honored like never before. (We are still waiting for the twenty dollar bill featuring Harriet Tubman!)

So, let’s keep fighting for our fundamental rights, but never forget where women were and how far we have come! If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas, write me at [email protected]

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Don’t forget to write to your representatives about the ERA and reproductive justice. Click on the links to see what you can do!