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Welcome to our Reproductive Justice Blog space. This is the place to learn more about this important topic and actions we can all take in the continuing battle to promote access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion for all women.

Reproductive Justice January 2021 Update

In a statement to the Hill back in October 2020, Rep. Linda T. Sánchez declared that “according to Republicans, just being a woman is a pre-existing condition.” While the Affordable Care Attack (ACA) came under attack by Republican proposals for a sweeping new Healthcare agenda, the Gender Equity in Health Premiums Act, a bipartisan piece of incorporation into the ACA, was all but certain to be eliminated. That would have meant “that a new mom could have her maternity care not covered. A grandmother might put off critical preventive screenings — like a mammogram — because it’s no longer a covered health benefit. A middle-aged woman who survived COVID-19 might find that she now has a preexisting condition, and insurance companies refuse to pay for her care,” Sánchez stated. What was apparently clear in October for defenders of the ACA, and has been clear for all women across generations, is that our basic reproductive rights are not yet guaranteed. Based purely on the physiological differences that allow us to bear and give birth, “Women [would] find they were paying more for health care than men simply because they were women.”

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Voting Update

As many of you know, at the same time we voted for President, there were down ballot elections as well as propositions. Here is an update on State proposals restricting access to our reproductive rights.

The fight is far from over.

Watch this page for the date and time of our next Reproductive Rights Action Team conference call.


Louisiana added language to its Constitution stating that "nothing in this constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion."

Colorado voted down a measure to prohibit abortions in Colorado after a fetus reaches 22-weeks gestational age.


Roe vs. Wade and Jobs

In the 1973 landmark decision, Roe v. Wade granted women more reproductive freedom, effectively shifting gender disparities towards a more equal footing while lending women more opportunities for education and career advancement. By allowing the termination of pregnancies under certain conditions by reason of a woman’s right to privacy, women acquired more sexual and reproductive autonomy, sparking a revolution in the ideology of a woman’s contribution to society.

Southwest Daily News


Before 1973, child bearing was closely associated with marriage, with more women marrying at a young age and securing financial dependence from their husbands. At this time, 46% of married women, aged 25 to 46 years, participated in the job market, a rising trend up from previous generations due to an increase in job supply and demand. Nonetheless, only 8% of women had completed a 4-year education, limiting job opportunities to mostly clerical work. A ‘quiet revolution’ in the mid 70’s was soon the catalyst for Roe v. Wade’s ruling — a movement that connoted the growing expectations women felt in how they anticipated contributing to society.

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Template - Letter to your Senator - Amy Coney Barrett confirmation

Dear Senator xxxxxxxxx,

I hereby urge you to vote against the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

She is certainly an able judge, but she does not represent the will of the people of the United States and you have a constitutional duty to follow the will of the people.

We, the  people of the United States, have stated time and time again that we want the next President to choose the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

If Mr Trump is reelected (God help us), he will have plenty of time to request her confirmation. However, if he loses, it should be President Biden who makes the choice.

Don’t be a hypocrite: when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland on March 16, 2016, Mitch McConnell declared any appointment by the sitting President to be null and void.

He clearly stated that the next Supreme Court justice should be chosen by the next President to be elected later that year.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Your blatant power play to stack the court in record time and is a reflection of your lack of any moral fiber.

You should be ashamed to vote for her confirmation.

Your vote will be remembered.


Trump & His Allies Attack Women's Access In Countries Throughout the World

Not only is Trump taking away our rights in the United States, but he's suppressing access to heathcare and reproductive rights around the world.

From a great article in Mother Jones:

“Over the past three years, President Trump has decimated funding to family planning groups across sub-Saharan Africa, leaving many fighting to survive. More quietly, he has also planted far-right ideologues as the heads of federal agencies crafting international policy on the rights of women and bolstered the work of nongovernmental organizations seeking to make abortion illegal worldwide.”

This is not “fake news”. Read the article and fight for our rights!

Senator Casey Responds to Letter Campaign

As part of the “contact your senator” campaign posted on the DA GWC website, I wrote to my two Pennsylvania U.S. Senators, one Republican (Pat Toomey) and one Democrat (U.S. Senator Bob Casey).

Democratic Senator Casey’s office very quickly sent a response. Senator Toomey's office has yet to respond.

Please do your part. Please contact your Senator. Please tell them to do all they can to stop the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.



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DAUK WC & GWC Activist Lunch: Reproductive Justice & ERA

The DA UK WC along with the DA GWC held an activist lunch over zoom on October 8, 2020.

Here is Salli Swartz’ presentation concerning Reproductive Rights: Roe v Wade and Where we are Today.

It’s a short history of Roe with an update on the views of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. To read the Where We Are Today presentation, click here

Please remember to write and/or call your Senators to oppose a vote on her confirmation to the Supreme court until after we have a new (blue) President.

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ROE v Wade: Where We Are Today

Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Signed Anti-Abortion Ad

If you are wondering about Amy Coney Barrett and her views on Roe v Wade, read this article from the New York Times.

This makes taking the Senate back all the more important so that we can legislate our reproductive rights if the Supreme Court takes our rights away.


Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times