DABR's Annual General Meeting & Elections held virtually May 26

Congratulations to Brazil's new Executive Committee, elected May 26 at the first DABR AGM and Elections Meeting held in five years, paving the way for DABR's reauthorization as an official Country Committee! Upon the completion of elections, Acting Chair, Kristen Carmean (filling in for Chair Arthur Sevalho-Goncalves, a physician currently treating Covid patients) chaired the Annual General Meeting.

Kristen began with DABR's "Story of Persistence" in reestablishing the CC, first led by Jacob Lassar, now V-Chair for Membership, in 2017.  Another involved member from that time, Joseph Weiss, has also joined the team as Treasurer. Leading a new effort in January 2020, Kristen and Arthur brought in Patricia Paine as Secretary and Marc Weiss as Member-at-Large for a full and robust Ex Comm. 

Activites to date were presented, including GPP Ballot Assist Events and socials, which resulted in both increased volunteer support and a 9% increase in DABR membership since the beginning of the year! Plans to date, plus input from attending members, bode well for an active, involved DABR community. Recently established DNC programs along with current DA actions and activities were relayed; as were all-important voting information and GOTV options for member involvement.

On hand were Kathy Rothschild, our Americas Regional DVC, with an official Welcome to DABR; and Roz Reymers, who had been working with the group since 2017 as Outreach Coordinator for Americas Non-CC countries.