December 30, 2020

DAGR Executive Committee Candidates and their Statements

In accordance with DAGR Bylaws, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year in the first quarter (by 31 March) but in an election year the deadline is January 31st.  In the odd-numbered years, DAGR elects officers for the coming 2-year term.

This year’s AGM and Election is scheduled online through ZOOM on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, 6pm. RSVP here


Elections will be conducted by google form from Friday, January 8, 2021, 9am until Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, 4pm.  Members will receive ballots processing instructions on Friday, January 8th



6pm to 6:10pm         Connect online via ZOOM platform

6:10pm to 6:45pm     Short business meeting and Committee presentations

Minutes of 2020 AGM

Treasurer’s Report

Chair’s Report

Committee Reports

Elections                      NEC announces and certifies results of election

6:45pm                       Live streaming of the 59th US Presidential Inauguration


The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) was appointed by the Chair and approved by Excom, on December 3, 2020. The NEC solicited nominations, collected candidate statements, will send out ballots, conduct the Election Meeting and tally the ballots.

Nominations are now closed; the deadline for candidacy submission was December 21, 2020. However, the ballot will allow for a write in candidate. The complete ballot will be sent out Friday, January 8th, 12 days before the AGM. Members will have until 4pm on Wednesday, January 20th to submit their ballot.

Full instructions for marking and returning ballots will accompany the ballot link on January 8th.

To vote, each person must be a member of Dems Abroad when their ballot is submitted. Democratic Party rules require all elections to be open to inspection by members so, for verification, ballots must be signed by the member/voter.

Detailed regulations can be found in the DAGR Bylaws and in the DPCA Country Committee Election Procedures. Both documents can be read on the Dems Abroad wiki at https://wiki.democratsabroad.orgdisplay/home/

The list of nominated candidates and their personal statements are below.

2021 Nominations

Chair:                                                           Stacey Harris-Papaioannou (incumbent)     

Vice Chair:                                                Theodore Milonas    

Secretary:                                                 Karen Lee     

Treasurer:                                                 Nick Loisos (incumbent)     

Counsel:                                                    John Brady Kiesling 

At-Large:                                                   Sarajane Kidd Leone

At-Large:                                                   Rebecca Lieb


Athens Chapter Chair:                                   Marion A. Kavallieros     

Athens Chapter Representative:            Richard L. Jackson

   Peter Vamvakas


Thessaloniki Chapter Chair:                           Randall Warner

Thessaloniki Chapter Representative:     Peter Baiter 

Questions or concerns should be addressed to the Nominations Chair, Nikki Fellouris at [email protected]/ 693 661 8493

The Nominations and Elections Committee:
Nikki Fellouris, Chair
Anna Haughton
Daniel Roberts

2021 DAGR Executive Committee Nominated Candidates

   Chair: Stacey Harris-Papaioannou (incumbent) 

I have been a resident of Greece for 37 years. I was raised in suburban Chicago but now am a Florida voter, as my second home was always the sunshine state. A registered Democrat and regular absentee voter, I became more passionate in 2000 thanks to a pivotal loss and the beginning of my hateful relationship for the Electoral College. Since then, I relentlessly communicate with expats, particularly in Greece but around the globe about how to get registered, to exercise their rights as US voters. I began writing articles for DAGR’s now defunct monthly newsletter and have followed up since by assisting with communications. I served as one of the administrators on DAGR’s social media as well as preparing articles and serving as Media Liaison for DAGR. I regularly attended EXCOM web meetings for the last several years, in order to promote events and assist the EXCOM team wherever I can be useful. I have served as Country Chair since November 2019. In the past 14 months, I have accrued experience and a skills set to expand DAGR’s reach with other overseas Americans in Greece, focused on finances by insisting on a fiscally able organization and offering outreach with programming to our members during the pandemic that has been both safe and engaging.  And although I am based in Mykonos, when we could travel freely, I found myself in Athens almost every fortnight. With the onset of the pandemic we have learned, thanks to online forums and tools, that our physical proximity is neither a barrier nor a border, in participating actively in an organization. 

After 4 years of watching rule of law and democracy come under attack, by the very people who swore an oath to protect and uphold it, my priority is preserving liberty and justice in the US, so it permeates across the globe.  As Democrats it is our responsibility to be engaged influencers by being informed voters.

   Vice Chair: Theodore Milonas   

My name is Theodore Milonas and my voting state is Massachusetts. During the last term, I served in the position of Athens Chapter Chair, DAGR. Through these turbulent times, great effort was placed to ensure Greek Americans living in Greece do vote in the 2020 elections, making a difference. We are celebrating a great win! I am now candidating for the position of Vice Chair, DAGR, aiming to work collaboratively with the Chair of DAGR, the ExCom and our volunteers in strengthening our local community, as only through united and collaborative action we can have a positive impact on both USA political developments and our community here in Greece.

Regarding my professional background, I am an economist who returned to Greece in 2018 after five year of working and studying abroad (in Switzerland, UK and Hong Kong). For each step of the way, you can check my LinkedIn profile:

Regarding my early DAGR steps, I joined DA Greece in 2013, right after my involvement in the Obama 2012 re-election campaign, when I moved to Lynchburg to help in winning the Presidential and Senate race for the State of Virginia. My role as a Deputy Field Organizer was to recruit, train and lead a team of circa 30 volunteers in a door-to-door and phone calling campaign, primarily in African American neighborhoods, to ensure that all Democrat voters are a) informed about the upcoming elections and b) that they do actually go and vote. The critical drive for me in actively supporting the campaign was to help all citizens in the USA to have access to proper healthcare irrespective of their work and insurance status. 

  Secretary: Karen Lee 

DAGR has grown significantly since the excitement of Obama’s first campaign. Like the rest of the world, it has also faced a continuous proliferation and expansion of communications platforms, especially since 2015. The basic legal task of Secretary, that is, keeping the membership information and records of the local organization, has grown apace. The Secretary has primary responsibility for keeping the membership database up-to-date for DA global and for publishing website materials as well as emails to members.

The Secretary’s role, by the bylaws, is still that of legal record keeping. Practically, it is also integrally related to the role of the Communications standing committee. Together, they must make sure DAGR members are connected and able to raise their voices in shaping party policies as well as supporting our efforts to elect Democratic officials. I believe this means both tuning our platforms to serve our members and training up volunteers to carry the tasks forward. If elected, I will bring my experience to this objective.

A native Ohioan, OH voter and OSU graduate, I have been active in the DAGR Country Committee since 2005, as:* Issues chairperson (2005-6) * Global Primary, Election Watch planning/volunteer (2008 & 2016) * Inaugural Celebration volunteer recruiter/coordinator (2009) * Nominating Committee/ballot drafting, Bylaws revision committee (2009-10) * Independence Day events volunteer, planning (2010-2018) * Member Survey, assisted design, Athens Chapter (2010) * International By-laws Revision, DAGR drafting committee (2011) * GOTV phone bank, registration table, planning committee (2010-2020) * Newsletter contributor (2014 to present) * ExCom, At-Large Representative (2013-2015) * DAGR Chair), completion of DAGR’s Greek non-profit tax status (2015-2019) * Fundraising chair (2019) * Communications chair (2020).

At the international-regional level (DPCA-EMEA): * DA global Grassroots Organizing Survey Committee (2006-7) * Attended DPCA AGM, voted DAGR proxy, co-presented GOSC findings, Heidelberg (2007) * Attended EMEA regional AGM, Berlin (2010) to promote DAGR re-recognition * Presented DAGR activity, EMEA meeting (2015), Edinburgh * Certified for GR database and email facilities, DA website, WebEx host * Attended DPCA AGM via Webex (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), DA Global Convention (2016) * EMEA monthly regional conference calls (2015-2020) * DA Global Black Caucus, founding steering committee (2017-2020).

    Treasurer: Nick Loisos (incumbent) 

Hello fellow Democrats in Greece! I am the current Treasurer of DAGR and am running to continue in that capacity for one more, final term. I have been in Greece for nearly 8 years and joined DAGR soon after arriving, looking to connect with fellow Democrat Americans living here to celebrate our democratic institutions. In the US, I worked in the field of Architecture, designing and managing large projects from design concept, thru occupancy. I have a degree in Computing and another in Architecture.

In the interest of making our country a fairer place for all to live, I have been an ardent supporter of the Democratic party and its principles. In addition, have supported liberal organizations such as NOW, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Me Too and others. During the last 4 years we have literally experienced an existential nightmare that we were lucky to have thrown off our backs with this last election even as the fight is not nearly over.

As your Treasurer, I have kept our finances running smoothly with the help of the rest of our executive team and helped deal with the financial crisis the Pandemic has brought to our organization. We have made several necessary changes to maintain our financial health thru the crisis and expect to come through it stronger and with better tools to keep us going strong. This effort is not over. I hope to continue to help us be in a strong position when we all return to a normal social life. Things are beginning to look much better as we happily lose both our current President and this Corona virus-19. Which was worse of the two, we all know, but one is nearly gone while the other is on its way out!

I thank you for your support.

    Counsel: John Brady Kiesling 

I appreciate the confidence shown me through this nomination to serve as Counselor of Democrats Abroad Greece. Engagement in America’s democratic political process is the only way to protect our interests as U.S. citizens living in Greece.

I have been active since 2004 in helping mobilize the American community in Athens in support of Democratic candidates and other worthy causes. During the 2008 elections I maintained the DA membership database; I served 2010-2013 as Secretary and have volunteered for various events and programs in recent years, including phone-banking, database upkeep, and the nominating committee. When Steve Medeiros passed away in 2019, I agreed to serve for a year as vice chair in support of Stacey Harris-Papaioannou, until new officers stepped forward.

I am a writer and researcher living in Athens, and the former head of the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy in Athens. My experience in Greece dates back to 1979, when I studied at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. My major project in recent years has been a free classics/archaeology app called ToposText.

    Representative At-Large: Sarajane Kidd Leone

Texas born and bred, Sarajane studied psychology and Italian before embarking on a research project in Italy. A chance encounter at an Italian train station would set the trajectory for her: 30+ years of shared life with a man from Napoli who she married several years later in Uganda. During their decade and a half in East Africa, aside from a short hiatus working for the UN, and short posts in New York and Washington, she dedicated her time to her weaving and design atelier, which catered to the East African safari/hotel industry and to private residence consultations. Hailing from a ranching family of West Texas, she was inspired by the familiar open, wild landscapes and colors of her childhood. Sarajane also served as Chairperson to Friends of the Arts of the International School of Kenya, cultivating dynamic local art talent and linking them with the expatriate community through art exhibitions and her work. In 2007, a move to Switzerland changed her course: she was still busy - but with three children, maintaining her artistic pursuits through community engagement, and leading the editorial team of the PTA publications of the International School of Geneva, La Chataigneraie.

Since landing in Greece in August 2014, Sarajane joined DAGR and launched the DAGR Women’s Caucus as the Working Chair. During this time she established the DAGR WC Facebook Interface, was a principal in helping to organize the first Women’s March Athens, created a dynamic program of outings, poetry readings, and a series of !Think Thursdays to discuss issues dear to DAGR WC members. Having left the DAGR WC leadership role in 2017 to serve on the board and subsequently as President of another local club, she remained active in volunteering through GOTV and with her artistic pursuits. Pinatas and Lemonade have become a mainstay of the annual July 4th celebration and helping to organize the EMEA Art Auction Fundraiser and construct the DAGR Mascot are the most recent highlights.

She looks forward to helping DAGR reach a wider expat American audience working mainly from Pelion as of June 2021 as Member-at-Large, and with a view to establishing another dynamic chapter to strengthen DA GREECE and Democratic voter turnout!

    Representative At-Large: Rebecca Lieb

Rebecca Lieb moved from midtown Manhattan to Greece's Pelion peninsula in 2018. A lifelong Democratic, she stuffed her first campaign envelope in 1972 in her native Chicago, when a friend's mother ran for office and won, smashing the city's political gender barrier. Professionally, Rebecca is a globally recognized researcher and authority in digital marketing and media. She has worked with many of the world's leading brands on digital marketing innovation and presents her research at conferences across the world. Rebecca also has a deep experience as a journalist. Her work has been published in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, et al. She has also authored several books. Currently, Rebecca is completing a PhD thesis at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.


      Athens Chapter Chair: Marion A. Kavallieros

Marion Kavallieros was born in 1964 in Boston MA. She holds a BA in English from the University of Athens and an MA in Education from Boston University. She works as a teacher of English. Marion has exhibited a keen interest in politics and the women's movement since she was 18 and has served as an elected member in various organizations and committees. She has served as Athens Chapter Chair with Democrats Abroad Greece from 2015 to 2019 and as Athens Chapter Representative from 2019 to 2011. Marion is a Massachusetts voter.

    Athens Chapter Representative: Richard L. Jackson

Richard Jackson served as a Foreign Service Officer from 1965-1999 with assignments in Somalia, Libya, Washington, Greece, Morocco and the United Nations. He subsequently became President of Anatolia College in Thessaloniki from 1999-2009, serving several years concurrently as President of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU). He has published in the Mediterranean Quarterly, American Journal of Chinese Studies, Foreign Service Journal, New York Times and Palm Beach Post. His books include “The Non-Aligned, the United Nations and the Superpowers (1983); “The Incidental Oriental Secretary and Other Tales of Foreign Service” (2016); and “American Hero-The True Story of Tommy Hitchcock” (Contributor—2016). Jackson studied at Princeton and received his MA from the Fletcher School. He lives in Athens and serves on the Advisory Committee of the Home Project.     

    Athens Chapter Representative: Peter Vamvakas

 would like to represent the Democratic Party in Greece, promote the Democratic Party values and promote American Culture and Political ideology in Greece through lectures and the access that I have in the Media. I would like to contribute to any assistance that the Democratic Party may need.

-TV Host at “HIGH TV’’ of the TV Show “Ελληνικοι Οριζοντες”( Ellinikoi Orizontes”)

-VAMVAKAS REALTY LLC/ President: An investment realty company buying and selling real estate, based in Massachusetts.

-Global Consulting Services: Responsibilities include HR, sales increases, marketing, creating new menus and pricing, food cost, labor control and bookkeeping, management development, budgets, P&L, Human resources management, creating new concepts, opening new stores/Businesses and follow up. Taking over business that are in trouble and making them Profitable.

-Production Manager: Responsible for managing a production facility, producing baked products for 26 restaurants and also responsible for food cost, labor, budgets, building sales, staff training and development and human resources.
Trinity College and University: Master’s Degree – Business Management


    Thessaloniki Chapter Chair: Randall Warner

Randall Warner studied Classics at Swarthmore College. She pursued a career in publishing before moving permanently to Greece in 1989 with her husband, artist Barry Feldman, and their son, future actor Tasso Feldman. She is a freelance book editor and art agent after retiring as Communications Director of the American Farm School in Thessaloniki. She votes Democratic in the Eighth District of New Jersey, and has been a member of DAGR since 2008. As to the role of American Democrats living in Greece, she sees that critical issues and contests in U.S. federal, state and local politics will drive us harder than ever before to build on the new Democratic Presidency and make our votes – and the votes of all Democrats Abroad – lead to victory in the 2022 midterm elections.

    Thessaloniki Chapter Representative: Peter Baiter

I am an American citizen who has been living and working in Thessaloniki, Greece, for the past forty years plus as a teacher and school administrator at Anatolia College and Pinewood American International School of Thessaloniki. Throughout this time, I have stayed in close touch with the latest developments and trends in America and international education and have been visiting the U.S. regularly at least twice a year for a number of weeks each time. In addition, through my personal and profession contacts, I have tried to stay continually abreast of what has been going on in American society and government.

I have been a Democrat all my life and am a registered voter in Barnstable County, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I voted by absentee ballot for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3 this year. I have been involved in Democrats Abroad Greece since the year 2000 when Michael Dukakis visited the American College of Thessaloniki and discussions were started regarding establishing a chapter of DAGR to cover Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. I have served most recently for four years as Head of the Thessaloniki Chapter of DAGR and greatly enjoyed the experience of working with such a dedicated group of fellow Democrats, particularly during the recent presidential election which resulted in such a satisfying final result for all of us.

I am happy to offer my candidacy for the post of Representative for the Thessaloniki Chapter of DAGR for the coming two years and would be delighted to continue to serve on the DAGR ExCom.