April 01, 2023





  • Although I will be continuing as Quebec Chapter Chair, we have three new board members, all looking forward to doing great work with our Quebec members.


  • 2023 is the ideal time to engage, re-engage, and reconnect with the DA Quebec Chapter.  With less Covid around, we are planning in-person events.  FINALLY!! 


  • Election 2024 activities will hit us like a ton of bricks in January 2024 and NOW is the time to start preparing. Phonebanking, voter assistance, voter registration, Global Presidential Primary - just a few of the things we need to be ready for in 2024.


  • It is my belief that the core principles of US democracy ARE being tested by the maga Republicans.  And if there was any time for Democrats to get up and get involved, NOW IS THE TIME.


  • Democrats Abroad, as an organization, has proven that it CAN make a difference in US elections. This happens because individual members, like you, decide to make contributions of time, skills, and funds to support our aim of electing more Dems in the US.


  • I say we show them just how strong we can be and set the bar high for 2024.  Let's get back those House seats we lost.  Let's make sure that a Democrat STAYS in the White House.  Let's make sure that our message as overseas voters who CARE about US democracy gets delivered.


I look forward to working with all of you.


Randi Weitzner

DA Quebec Chapter Chair



Detailed information about voting from Quebec can be found HERE.

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