September 23, 2022

Can you take 2 minutes to call Senator Schumer's office?

A great way to get involved this weekend in the ERA Coalition's campaign for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. It should take only a few minutes and every voice in support of SJ Res 1/HJ Res 17 counts!

The Equal Rights Amendment has been nearly 100 years in the making, and we've never been this close to publication. We want the Senate to schedule a vote to remove the time limit that was added to the amendment's preamble back in the 70s, and extended to the 80s. The House has already voted twice to remove this time limit, and now it's time for the Senate to follow suit.

Can you spare 2 minutes at the top of each day to call Senate Majority Leader Schumer's office and ask him to schedule SJ Res 1/HJ Res 17 for a vote before the midterm elections? We want to get all Senators on record on the issue of equality - with 52 Senate cosponsors we know we have the majority of the Senate as well as a vast majority of the American people on our side. Now is the time!

We have short sample scripts you can use to let Senator Schumer's office know you support bringing the time limit removal bill up for a vote! Call every day if you can - his office is tallying responses by phone, email, and postal mail and we want to show our full support.

Other ways to take action

Not into making phone calls? Don't worry, we have multiple ways to take action and make a difference. You can send as many emails, postcards, or tweets out as you'd like, too. Email Senator Schumer or your own Senator every day if you want!

Email or send a postcard 
You don't have to live in New York to send a message to Senator Schumer's office, asking for a vote. Send him a postcard or email today using our pre-draft scripts. TAKE ACTION

Get your own Senators on board
Reach out to your own Senators, asking them to contact Majority Leader Schumer and request a vote for the time limit removal bill! TAKE ACTION

Tweet @ Senator Schumer
If you're on Twitter, take our request public by tweeting at him! Tell him you want a vote on SJ Res 1/H Res 17 before the midterm elections.  TWEET NOW

Tweet @ your own Senators
If you're on Twitter you can help us grow this campaign by tweeting publicly at your Senators, asking that they request a vote on SJ Res 1/HJ Res 17 before the midterms. TWEET NOW


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