4th of July photos and July Meeting Minutes

First, a HUGE gracias a todos/todas for your support and participation in this year's 4th of July Sundowner! 
With over 80 attendees (more details in the minutes below) it was a great time!! 


Minutes of Democrats Abroad Guatemala

Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, July 11,2019 at l2pm noon at El Sitio Cafe

Members in Attendance: John Chudy, Chair; Kee Adams Evans, Events coordinator;
Dave Evans, Actiag Treasurer; and via Skype Hyungioon Jiq Member at Large, and
Scotney Young, Media Contact.

Call to order: 12:07pm

Approval of Agenda and minutes: June minutes and July agenda with changes

Treasurer's report:
Our ending balance is Q4,163.00.

Chair's Report:
Email regarding vacancies for Treasurer and Secretary went out June
24th. No responses received. Email will go out again later in July. Still need to fill
MeetUp Group chair for Guatemala City and start one in Huehuetenango. Briefly
discussed amending DAGT bylaws to coincide with DPCA charter on officer elections
and terms; Juan Pablo to update next meeting.

Events for 2019: 
July 4th: The Sundowner with Fireworks at CCC was a huge success! Kee
reported that 85 people attended. The treasurer reported sales of drinks, buttons and other
swag, feed the donkey donations, and bumper sticker sales grossed Q2,495, against event
costs of approximately Q3288 (final adjustments pending). By far the best turnout and
best bottom line in the four years DAGT has followed this July 4th event format.
Thanks to everyone who made it the huge success it was.

Movie Night: Fahrenheit 11/9 will be shown at CCC on Thursday, July 18ft at 6:30pm.
A promotional email has gone out. A good turnout is expected. JPC will confirm Kevin
for the popcorn machine. Scuad check suggests we should experience no problems.

Debate Watch Parties: First ones on June 26&27, at Dave's and Kee 's, were enjoyed by
evsryone who attended. Having others in attendance to discuss and interact with during
the event greatly enriches the experience. The next two-night debate format is July 30 and
31, from Detroit via CNN. Irene Saletan and Ellen Christenson will host the debate watch
party at their home. Kee will send out an information and invitation email.

Fund Raiser: Demacrats Abroad Guatemala bumper sticker campaign is going very
weIl. Kee reported that against the donated production cost of Q315, sales have grossed
Q500. Of the first production run of 100 bumper stickers, about 30 remain- They will be
available for purchase at movie night, debate watch, and voter registration events as long
as supplies last at Q20 each or three for Q50. Scotney has designed a Facebook
challenge for best display of the bumper sticker. Kee and Scotney will continue to
encourage member participation in the challenge. A winner will be selected at a date to be
determined. The prize will be a "Get your [donkey] to The Polls" swag bag.

2019 FPCA promotion: It was decided that we suspend voter registration events until
the field of Democratic candidates thins, which is likely to be soon. At present the five
top candidates, Biden, Benrie, Kamala Elisabeth and Mayor Pete, command 80% of
Democratic Party support" We did not discuss creating a voter registration video, but the
topic remains pending for future action.

Americas Regional Meeting: To be held October 25 -26,2019 in San Jose, Costa Rica.
Focus is GOTV and DA tools to enhance GOTV work, including training on
VoteFromAbroad.Org and approaches to outreach to voters. The Excom might consider
sending out some general informational emails to the membership about the meeting, its
purposee, and asking for possible participants who might be traveling in Central America at
that time.

DAGT August Meeting: Will take place Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 12:00 noon at El
Sitio Cafe in Antigua"

Travel Notes: None reported.

Adjourned: 12:53pm

 DAGT needs your help ... we need a full slate of officers to ensure maximum effort in the coming months leading up to the 2020 elections. We are looking for two volunteers to fill vacancies for Secretary, Treasurer, and Meet-Up Group Chair for Guatemala CIty.   Contact [email protected] if you are interested.