Louis Colaruotolo

Member-at-Large, University of Guelph

Louis, a native of Rochester New York, is currently attending the University of Guelph in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Food Science. He studies how food degrades, and how we can extend the shelf life of food to reduce food waste and boost food equality. 

Although still deciding about his future career, Louis sees himself working in science communication, potentially working with policy makers to distill and digest scientific policy to help make progressive decisions that work towards creating a more sustainable food system. Currently he is practicing science communication with a weekly radio show on CFRU 93.3 named “We Know Some Stuff,” a conversation about what graduate students are studying and why it matters. (Wednesdays at noon, on cfru.ca, or archives at https://louiscolaruotolo.com). 

Louis has held positions as a joint council member and caucus leader of UAW local 2322 Graduate Employee Organization in Amherst Massachusetts, and as a departmental steward with CUPE 3913.  At the University of Guelph, Louis is working towards getting representation from students eligible to vote in the US to take part in Democrats Abroad Canada.

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