DACN Welcomes You!

2020 was The Year of the Vote! Here at Democrats Abroad China, as well as across the globe, Americans heard the call to action and responded. 

★ Every Vote Counted ★

With voting rights and accessibility being targeted nationwide, DACN is again calling all Americans in China to act. 

★ There is much work to be done in 2021 ★

Currently DACN is searching for members to lead and support the missions of Democrats Abroad by joining our country committees and caucuses. 


★ The Communications Committee creates positive messaging by

      • Drafting newsletters and e-mail announcements
      • Promoting our causes across multiple social media platforms
      • Creating content for the DACN website
      • Designing graphics, posters, flyers, presentations, and more!

★ Our Events Committee requires volunteers to organize and 

      • Host local events 
      • Plan nationwide celebrations
      • Conduct online meetings
      • Coordinate with regional and global events 
      • Promote caucus activities

★ Join the Fundraising Committee to

      • Raise funds for postage, ballot request forms, stickers, swag, and more. 
      • Additionally, DA Global has set a fundraising goal of $1 million, and we would like to increase our donor participation to help achieve this goal!

★ Have ideas? The Outreach Committee seeks to

      • Further develop membership in existing DACN hubs - Beijing, Kunming, the Pearl River Delta, and Shanghai.
      • Expand DACN membership and involvement into more cities and regions across our host country to ensure that no American voter is left behind!
      • Interface with the regional and global network to share ideas and best practices.

★ Fulfill our #1 mission by joining the Get Out The Vote Committee and

      • Inform members about state guidelines and deadlines
      • Register voters
      • Assist in requesting absentee ballots

Caucuses need you! Each DA caucus is inclusive to all members at the global, regional, and ever-expanding DACN level. These include the:


The DACN Leadership Board and I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Let’s Get To Work!

Liz Blackbourn, DACN Chair

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