August 03, 2021

DACN Welcomes You!

2020 was The Year of the Vote! Here at Democrats Abroad China, as well as across the globe, Americans heard the call to action and responded. 

★ Every Vote Counted ★

With voting rights and accessibility being targeted nationwide, DACN is again calling all Americans in China to act. 

★ There is much work to be done BEFORE 2024 ★

Currently DACN is searching for members to lead and support the missions of Democrats Abroad by joining our country committees and caucuses. 


★ The Communications Committee creates positive messaging by

      • Drafting newsletters and e-mail announcements
      • Promoting our causes across multiple social media platforms
      • Creating content for the DACN website
      • Designing graphics, posters, flyers, presentations, and more!

★ Our Events Committee requires volunteers to organize and 

      • Host local events 
      • Plan nationwide celebrations
      • Conduct online meetings
      • Coordinate with regional and global events 
      • Promote caucus activities

★ Join the Fundraising Committee to

      • Raise funds for postage, ballot request forms, stickers, swag, and more. 
      • Additionally, DA Global has set a fundraising goal of $1 million, and we would like to increase our donor participation to help achieve this goal!

★ Have ideas? The Outreach Committee seeks to

      • Further develop membership in existing DACN hubs - Beijing, Kunming, the Pearl River Delta, and Shanghai.
      • Expand DACN membership and involvement into more cities and regions across our host country to ensure that no American voter is left behind!
      • Interface with the regional and global network to share ideas and best practices.

★ Fulfill our #1 mission by joining the Get Out The Vote Committee and

      • Inform members about state guidelines and deadlines
      • Register voters
      • Assist in requesting absentee ballots

Caucuses need you! Each DA caucus is inclusive to all members at the global, regional, and ever-expanding DACN level. These include the:


The DACN Leadership Board and I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Let’s Get To Work!

Liz Blackbourn, DACN Chair

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