Democrats Abroad China (DACN or DA China for short) is the country committee serving U.S. Democrats living in China.

We help Americans abroad participate in U.S. domestic politics by providing voter registration support, voting resources, and activism opportunities. Member activities include conversations with leading activists and elected officials, social events and parties, and more

We run several WeChat groups to connect American Democrats with each other in various regions around China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Pearl River Delta and Kunming.

You can also join our Book Club, our Women’s Caucus or our Progressives group.

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DA China Leadership:

Elizabeth Blackbourn
| DA China - Chair
Jake Aldaco
| DA China - Vice Chair
Cory Stroik
| DA China - Secretary
Faith Gary
| DA China - Head of Comms/IT
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  • News

    DACN Welcomes You!

    2020 was The Year of the Vote! Here at Democrats Abroad China, as well as across the globe, Americans heard the call to action and responded. 

    ★ Every Vote Counted ★

    With voting rights and accessibility being targeted nationwide, DACN is again calling all Americans in China to act. 

    ★ There is much work to be done in 2021 ★

    Currently DACN is searching for members to lead and support the missions of Democrats Abroad by joining our country committees and caucuses. 


    ★ The Communications Committee creates positive messaging by

        • Drafting newsletters and e-mail announcements
        • Promoting our causes across multiple social media platforms
        • Creating content for the DACN website
        • Designing graphics, posters, flyers, presentations, and more!

    ★ Our Events Committee requires volunteers to organize and 

        • Host local events 
        • Plan nationwide celebrations
        • Conduct online meetings
        • Coordinate with regional and global events 
        • Promote caucus activities

    ★ Join the Fundraising Committee to

        • Raise funds for postage, ballot request forms, stickers, swag, and more. 
        • Additionally, DA Global has set a fundraising goal of $1 million, and we would like to increase our donor participation to help achieve this goal!

    ★ Have ideas? The Outreach Committee seeks to

        • Further develop membership in existing DACN hubs - Beijing, Kunming, the Pearl River Delta, and Shanghai.
        • Expand DACN membership and involvement into more cities and regions across our host country to ensure that no American voter is left behind!
        • Interface with the regional and global network to share ideas and best practices.

    ★ Fulfill our #1 mission by joining the Get Out The Vote Committee and

        • Inform members about state guidelines and deadlines
        • Register voters
        • Assist in requesting absentee ballots

    Caucuses need you! Each DA caucus is inclusive to all members at the global, regional, and ever-expanding DACN level. These include the:


    The DACN Leadership Board and I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

    Let’s Get To Work!

    Liz Blackbourn, DACN Chair

    Join Dems Abroad

    Find us on WeChat: DemocratsAbroad

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    Email us: [email protected]

    Register for your ballot at Vote From Abroad 


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    2021 DACN NEC Elections Procedures

    2021 DACN NEC Parlimantarian:

    William J. Puette, Ph.D.

    Professional Registered Parliamentarian (NAP)
    Certified Parliamentarian (AIP)
    Honolulu, Hawai‘i
    Notes from Dr. Puette regarding DACN bylaws:
    .  The DACN Bylaws (Article XVI 16.2 and 16.3) Authorize the NEC to decide how to organize and administer the election, subject to thy Bylaws and DA rules governing Country Committee elections; and to notify the members of DACN of the election and election procedures no less than thirty (30) days prior to the election.   None of the documents you sent me are clearly identified by title as the DACN May 23, 2021 Election Procedures.  I would assume that the undated file entitled “2021 DA NEC call for nominations” is intended to be the election procedures as described in 16.2 and 16.3.

    2.  The plan to have the NEC take over as presiding officers does not appear to be in “2021 DA NEC call for nominations” needs to be adopted as a special rule or a suspension must be adopted since RONR would not otherwise allow it for the following reasons:
      According to RONR (12th ed.) 47:10, “Whenever a motion is made that refers only to the presiding officer in a capacity not shared in common with other members, or that commends or censures him with others, he should turn the chair over to the vice-president or appropriate temporary occupant (see below) during the assembly’s consideration of that motion, just as he would in a case where he wishes to take part in the debate (see also 43:29–30). The chair, however, should not hesitate to put the question on a motion to elect officers or appoint delegates or a committee even if he is included.”

      And according to RONR (12th ed.) 47:12   ”The practice in some organizations of permitting the chairman of a committee to preside over the assembly or put questions to vote during the presentation and consideration of the committee’s report violates numerous principles of parliamentary law relating to the chair’s appearance of impartiality and the inappropriateness of his entering into a debate, not to speak of the regular presiding officer’s duty to preside (see 47:5–7).

    It is my opinion, therefore, that NEC can only assume the role of presiding officers by suspending these rules which could be done at the beginning of your report by seeking unanimous consent to approve these procedures in addition to the procedures sent out earlier.  eg. “If there is no objection the committee recommends that NEC will preside during this elections to avoid the potential of a conflict of interest.” then, after a pause, say “Thank you, there being no objection the NEC will preside during the elections.”  If there is an objection, move that recommendation on behalf of the committee.

    Since the elections are scheduled to come up after the proposed Bylaw amendments, the vote on the bylaw amendments would indicate the support for such a suspension.

    In any event, if a point of order is raised, about this question, I would have to advise as above.

    Furthermore, based on our conversation yesterday I am attaching to this email educational handouts on the Duties of the Presiding Officer and on remedies for abuse of the chair’s authority.
    Please refer to the commonly asked questions for more information here and for the list of candidates please visit the updated list here
    The Zoom details are:

    Meeting ID: 824 7800 6912
    Passcode: 020965


    The backup ONLY WebEx details are:
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    Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 07:00 PM Beijing Time · 2 rsvps
    Zoom & Countrywide in Zoom, China

    Tacobout It Tuesday - Part I

    The Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses present:


    Please join part one of DACN's reoccurring series, all part of the #SummerOfAction campaign. 

    We will eat tacos, discuss politics, and decide on an action to take at each meeting.

    Members may join online, as well as host their own local in-person event.

    Please email [email protected] if interested in hosting a local event.

    Our team will create a flyer and publish an announcement for each locality.  


    Let's Get To Work! 

    Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 07:00 PM Beijing Time · 1 rsvp
    El Santo in Shanghai, China

    Tacobout It Tuesdays = Part I: Shanghai

    DACN's Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses present:


    Please join part one of DACN's reoccurring series, all part of the #SummerOfAction campaign!

    Shanghai members will head to El Santo to eat tacos, discuss politics, and decide on an action to take at each meeting. 

    Unable to join in person? A Zoom link will be included with the RSVP.


    Let's Get To Work! 

    El Santo, inside of Found 158
    158 Julu Road