February 09, 2024

Choose how you will vote for president: online or on location in a city near you!

Members of Democrats Abroad China can vote for the Democratic nominee ONLINE or IN PERSON




Registered Democrats Abroad members can request their Global Presidential Primary ballots through this form. 

The deadline to request ballots electronically is March 12th at 9 PM Pacific Time U.S. 

All electronically filed ballots must be received by 11:59 PM March 12, Pacific Time U.S.

* There will be Ballot Assistance Events to aid remote voters across China, please connect with us on WeChat (LizzieB904) to learn more. 




The 2024 Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary offers three live Voting Centers in China.

Super Tuesday voting will take place in Shanghai between 6-8 PM on Tuesday, March 5thhttps://www.democratsabroad.org/lizconsin/super_taco_tuesday

Shanghai voting will again take place between 12-3 PM on Saturday, March 9thhttps://www.democratsabroad.org/lizconsin/dacn_votes_shanghai_primary_2024 

Beijing members will vote from 1-3 PM on Sunday, March 10thhttps://www.democratsabroad.org/lizconsin/dacn_votes_beijing_primary_2024




To vote you must be a US citizen abroad, and 18 years of age as of November 5, 2024.


➡️ Register to vote in the Global Primary by joining Democrats Abroad at democratsabroad.org/join.*
➡️ Vote in-person at our Voting Center, or remotely via email, mail, or fax. 
➡️ Ballots for remote voting will be available for download from February 13th.**

To join Democrats Abroad, you must be a US citizen abroad, and 18 years of age as of November 5, 2024.

* Same-day registration is allowed at Voting Centers.
** Please do not bring downloaded remote ballots to the voting center. They will not be accepted.


NOTE: This is a primary for the President of the United States only. To vote in state and local primary races in the U.S., you still need to request a ballot from your state. If you are voting for other offices and measures on a state ballot, please do not mark a choice for the presidential nominee. Democrats Abroad is a State Party. Voters cannot vote in two state party elections!


More information can be found here: https://www.democratsabroad.org/2024primary.


Useful links about the Global Presidential Primary


Useful links about Democrats Abroad



2024 is historic, marking the very first time Democrats Abroad China members will be able to vote in person. We hope you join us and spread the word to Americans across China and the globe! 

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please email [email protected].