DACN Welcomes You!

2020 was The Year of the Vote! Here at Democrats Abroad China, as well as across the globe, Americans heard the call to action and responded. 

★ Every Vote Counted ★

With voting rights and accessibility being targeted nationwide, DACN is again calling all Americans in China to act. 

★ There is much work to be done in 2021 ★

Currently DACN is searching for members to lead and support the missions of Democrats Abroad by joining our country committees and caucuses. 


★ The Communications Committee creates positive messaging by

      • Drafting newsletters and e-mail announcements
      • Promoting our causes across multiple social media platforms
      • Creating content for the DACN website
      • Designing graphics, posters, flyers, presentations, and more!

★ Our Events Committee requires volunteers to organize and 

      • Host local events 
      • Plan nationwide celebrations
      • Conduct online meetings
      • Coordinate with regional and global events 
      • Promote caucus activities

★ Join the Fundraising Committee to

      • Raise funds for postage, ballot request forms, stickers, swag, and more. 
      • Additionally, DA Global has set a fundraising goal of $1 million, and we would like to increase our donor participation to help achieve this goal!

★ Have ideas? The Outreach Committee seeks to

      • Further develop membership in existing DACN hubs - Beijing, Kunming, the Pearl River Delta, and Shanghai.
      • Expand DACN membership and involvement into more cities and regions across our host country to ensure that no American voter is left behind!
      • Interface with the regional and global network to share ideas and best practices.

★ Fulfill our #1 mission by joining the Get Out The Vote Committee and

      • Inform members about state guidelines and deadlines
      • Register voters
      • Assist in requesting absentee ballots

Caucuses need you! Each DA caucus is inclusive to all members at the global, regional, and ever-expanding DACN level. These include the:


The DACN Leadership Board and I look forward to welcoming you to the team!

Let’s Get To Work!

Liz Blackbourn, DACN Chair

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2021 DACN NEC Elections Procedures

2021 DACN NEC Parlimantarian:

William J. Puette, Ph.D.

Professional Registered Parliamentarian (NAP)
Certified Parliamentarian (AIP)
Honolulu, Hawai‘i
Notes from Dr. Puette regarding DACN bylaws:
.  The DACN Bylaws (Article XVI 16.2 and 16.3) Authorize the NEC to decide how to organize and administer the election, subject to thy Bylaws and DA rules governing Country Committee elections; and to notify the members of DACN of the election and election procedures no less than thirty (30) days prior to the election.   None of the documents you sent me are clearly identified by title as the DACN May 23, 2021 Election Procedures.  I would assume that the undated file entitled “2021 DA NEC call for nominations” is intended to be the election procedures as described in 16.2 and 16.3.

2.  The plan to have the NEC take over as presiding officers does not appear to be in “2021 DA NEC call for nominations” needs to be adopted as a special rule or a suspension must be adopted since RONR would not otherwise allow it for the following reasons:
  According to RONR (12th ed.) 47:10, “Whenever a motion is made that refers only to the presiding officer in a capacity not shared in common with other members, or that commends or censures him with others, he should turn the chair over to the vice-president or appropriate temporary occupant (see below) during the assembly’s consideration of that motion, just as he would in a case where he wishes to take part in the debate (see also 43:29–30). The chair, however, should not hesitate to put the question on a motion to elect officers or appoint delegates or a committee even if he is included.”

  And according to RONR (12th ed.) 47:12   ”The practice in some organizations of permitting the chairman of a committee to preside over the assembly or put questions to vote during the presentation and consideration of the committee’s report violates numerous principles of parliamentary law relating to the chair’s appearance of impartiality and the inappropriateness of his entering into a debate, not to speak of the regular presiding officer’s duty to preside (see 47:5–7).

It is my opinion, therefore, that NEC can only assume the role of presiding officers by suspending these rules which could be done at the beginning of your report by seeking unanimous consent to approve these procedures in addition to the procedures sent out earlier.  eg. “If there is no objection the committee recommends that NEC will preside during this elections to avoid the potential of a conflict of interest.” then, after a pause, say “Thank you, there being no objection the NEC will preside during the elections.”  If there is an objection, move that recommendation on behalf of the committee.

Since the elections are scheduled to come up after the proposed Bylaw amendments, the vote on the bylaw amendments would indicate the support for such a suspension.

In any event, if a point of order is raised, about this question, I would have to advise as above.

Furthermore, based on our conversation yesterday I am attaching to this email educational handouts on the Duties of the Presiding Officer and on remedies for abuse of the chair’s authority.
Please refer to the commonly asked questions for more information here and for the list of candidates please visit the updated list here
The Zoom details are:

Meeting ID: 824 7800 6912
Passcode: 020965


The backup ONLY WebEx details are:

2021 DACN NEC WeChat Campaign Rules Notice

WeChat campaigning in official DA China groups has been prohibited by the NEC because not all DA China members have been permitted to participate in all groups. Here is the list of official DA groups; Announcements Beijing Shanghai Kunming Shenzhen Guangzhou Jiangnan Book Club Women's Caucus Progressive Caucus Black Caucus LGBTQ+ Caucus AAPI Caucus DA Call & SMS Team. 

Commonly Asked Questions - 2021 DACN NEC

1) I see my name on the candidate list, how can I confirm or withdraw my nomination? We emailed everyone that was nominated and you can respond to that email saying yes I accept or no I decline. Please respond to ALL to ensure we all receive it.

2) Is there anything else candidates need to do prior to the election? Candidates can email a statement if they would like to, but it is not required. 

3) How will the election speeches be handled at the AGM - how much time do candidates have and who will get to speak first? We will call on candidates in alphabetical order. Each candidate will receive 2 mins.

4) Do we want to do a special Zoom the night before for candidates to give their speeches or during the meeting? No

5) Is there early voting? N0 (there will be no early voting, as we will be taking nominations from the floor. Anyone who wishes to vote MUST be present at the meeting).

6) How will voting on the election day be handled? All DACN members will be emailed their democrats abroad ID 10 days before the election with a short explanation on how it will be used to vote on the day of the election. 

7) Will there be any live events in any of our constituent cities? No.

8) Will members nominated from the floor be given a prescribed and limited amount of time to make a statement? Yes, each nominee will receive 2 mins.

9) Will there be an opportunity at the meeting for members to ask questions of any and all candidates or will that all happen at prior scheduled forums only with candidates who filed? We will allow 2 mins for speeches and 2 mins for questions on the actual day of the election.

10) What's required for candidate statements? No more than 300 words

11) How long do people have to accept/decline the nomination? Up until the actual election date. 

12) Where are these candidate statements supposed to be uploaded to? We will upload them to the main Democrats Abroad China page on

13) Am I allowed to campaign in official Democrats Abroad China WeChat groups? No, candidates cannot campaign inside official DACN WeChat groups.

Nominated Candidates to the DACN Leadership Board

The following candidates have been nominated to various positions on the Democrats Abroad China Leadership Board. In alphabetical order by last name, your nominated candidates are:

  • Jacob Aldaco - accepted the nomination 
  • Elizabeth Blackbourn - accepted the nomination 
  • Elaine Chow - accepted the nomination 
  • Jenny Eveland - declined the nomination 
  • Justin Fischer - declined the nomination 
  • Faith Gary - accepted the nomination 
  • Grace Gary - declined the nomination 
  • Devika Koppikar - declined the nomination 
  • Helen Li - declined the nomination 
  • Alexandra Smith - accepted the nomination 
  • Cory Stroik - accepted the nomination 
  • Eileen Walsh - accepted the nomination 
  • Terry Watkins - accepted the nomination 
  • Kim Wong- accepted the nomination 
  • Cheng Xu - declined the nomination 
  • Lisa Movius - from the floor accepted
  • Brian Kloosterman - from the floor accepted
  • Anders Hove - from the floor accepted
  • Alexander Lee- from the floor, declined 
  • Hisham Youssef - from the floor accepted 

Candidates are required to confirm their nominations in order to be finalized as candidates for the election. They are also invited to submit candidate statements. Submitted candidate statements can be viewed by clicking on their name above. As the NEC receives and uploads their candidate statements, we will update this page to link to them. The election will take place during the China AGM on May 23, at 1pm.

You can RSVP for the AGM here.

Call for Nominations to the DACN Leadership Board

Democrats Abroad is excited to announce that the Call for Nominations to DACN Leadership Board is now open!

Democrats Abroad China will be holding elections for the Leadership Board at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 1:00 PM China Standard Time (mark your calendars!).

The Leadership Board consists of 11 members, of which six are officers on the Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legal Counsel, Communications Director), whose term of office will be from 2021-2023. All positions will be open, and we are ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS. A nominee must be a Democrats Abroad China member, a US citizen, a resident within the People’s Republic of China, and willing and able to handle duties while adhering to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States.

Submit your nomination through the nomination form here

Please submit your nominations by 11:59 PM China Standard time on Monday May 3, 2021, so we can check candidate eligibility (DA China member), compile all the candidate information, and share their platforms to everyone prior to the election. Nominations can be for yourself or another person, though please confirm the other person is willing to be a candidate. Floor nominations will additionally be accepted during the AGM. 

Further description of responsibilities, especially for those in the Executive Committee, can be found in DA China's Bylaws under Articles IV-XI, bylaws can be viewed here.

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Meet a DA China Volunteer: Adam Robbins in Shenzhen

Where are you from in the United States?

I’m from the great state of Maine, near the rocky Atlantic coast.

How did you end up in China and what do you do here now?

I followed my heart to China. Back in my junior year of college I met the man I would marry one day: he studied Chinese literature and language, and I followed him to Texas, Taiwan, Minnesota, Beijing, and now to the swelling metropolis of Shenzhen. I’ve written and edited magazine articles out here, but right now I’m mostly a house husband.

How did you first hear about Democrats Abroad?

I learned about Democrats Abroad after talking progressive politics with a friend. There was a drive to register expats to vote in the 2018 midterms and I joined up to see how I could help.

Had you volunteered with or been involved in politics beforehand?

I worked and volunteered a lot more in the US, especially around LGBT causes. The highlight was the 2012 Minnesota campaign to defeat an amendment that would bar us from marrying. I worked on campus logistics, among other roles, and we succeeded in turning out more votes among college students than Obama’s historic 2000 campaign. In China it’s obviously a very different environment, but in Beijing I was able to volunteer with some community groups to help with their fundraising and overall organizing.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing America coming up ahead?

All the existential challenges of the 21 century — staggering wealth inequality, cataclysmic climate change, aging and vulnerable infrastructure, drug-resistant pandemic pathogens, and a fragmented electorate that no longer shares a sense of common reality, much less common humanity — are all linked together. We fix them all together, or we fix none and face the consequences.

Why do you think it's important to get involved with Democrats Abroad now?

The 2020 elections demonstrated powerfully that voting matters — mail-in ballots matter and overseas ballots count. In a time when the stakes are so high, this is a moment when every American should feel like there’s a place for them to help organize for the future they want to see. We simply don’t have the luxury to wait for someone else to fix these problems. 

If you were President, what would you concentrate on in the first 100 days?

I’m not sure I could suggest anything better than the raft of executive actions and major legislation that Biden’s team is planning. Big, bold action is needed — especially to quickly reverse rule changes that Trump’s cronies pushed through the various agencies — and we need to “build back stronger” by giving all Americans the physical safety and economic security they need for the massive course correction it will take to survive.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help Americans in China organize around getting out the vote and issues dear to our Women's, LGBTQ+, Black, AAPI & Progressive Caucuses. Join us and message us to see how you can get involved!

Schedule for Nomination and Election of 2021 DA China Leadership Board

The NEC will oversee the election of the 2021 DA China Leadership Board. Members of the committee were appointed by DA China Chair at the March Leadership Board Meeting (3/04/2021): Jordania Rowden, Dr Kymmberli (Dr.Sparkles) Stowe, and Samantha Wong.

Schedule (Released by the NEC 3/24/2021)

  • March 14- NEC Meeting
  • March 28 - NEC meeting
  • April 13 – call for nominations
  • April 27 - close call for nominations
  • May 4 – verify all candidates are DA members
  • May 5 - announce to everyone who is running
  • May 23 – Members vote

Members are also invited to view our bylaws and archived meeting minutes on the wiki.

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DA China Stands Against AAPI Hate

Dear all,

As we are all aware, there has been an uptake in incidents of hate crimes against Asian Americans.

It has been a very fraught and grief-stricken time for us here, as a large percentage of our board members, volunteers, and members are of that group. We have seen in the news people who look like our aunts, our uncles, our grandparents, our siblings harassed, attacked, and even killed. We have been absorbing stories of hate incidents from relatives back home in America, and trying to offer what comfort and support we can from across the ocean.

We stand by the recent message the AAPI Caucus put out after the tragic shooting in Atlanta:

“On Tuesday, March 16th, 2021, a gunman killed at least eight individuals and injured others in Atlanta in yet another unspeakable tragedy. Most of the individuals lost are from the Asian American community.

 It is clear the derogatory anti-Asian language used throughout the past year continues to have a real-world impact. Racist comments should not be brushed aside or ignored, they must be confronted and condemned. If it was not clear before, it is clear now that AAPI communities around the United States are targets of hate. We extend our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones to [the] shootings.

 We condemn these acts of violence. We stand in solidarity with the AAPI community and our AAPI Democrats Abroad members. We must work together to speak out and stand up against this type of hate.”

The victims in the Atlanta shooting’s names are:

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Call for Nominations: DA Asia Pacific RVC

Call for Nominations:
Democrats Abroad Regional Vice Chair Asia Pacific

We are now accepting nominations for the bi-annual election of Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for the Asia Pacific (AP) region! This election will take place during the AP Regional Meeting on the 16th of May as part of the Democrats Abroad Global Meeting. One vote is allocated to each AP country committee and will be cast solely by country committee chairs and vice chairs. The chair and vice chair each carry ½ vote. If either is not present, the other will carry the full vote.

Democrats Abroad has three RVCs, one for each region, who:

  • Are elected to a two year term that begins and ends with the regional election.
  • Cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.
  • Serve as one of 8 voting members of the International Executive Committee. Meetings are currently held weekly and typically last from two to three hours, but this is subject to change with the new leadership. 
  • Organize and lead monthly regional calls of about one to two hours to encourage, inform, and create a sense of community among regional country committees. 
  • Organize and lead a one to three day annual regional meeting to encourage, inform, and create a sense of community among regional country committees. When practical, these annual meetings are held as in-person events with remote participation available. 
  • Act as a liaison between the International Executive Committee and one or more of the Democrats Abroad committees, lending a hand to the committee chair and assuming chair responsibilities should that position not be filled.
  • Assist in organizing and attend the annual Democrats Abroad Global Meeting, preferably in person when conditions allow. Note that travel costs are the responsibility of the RVC.
  • Work with existing country committees to mediate and resolve issues within their committees including election issues, membership queries, etc. 
  • Track compliance status of country committees with Charter requirements and work with emerging and out-of-compliance countries to help bring them into compliance.
  • Communicate International Executive Committee decisions, policies, and Democrats Abroad best practices to the country committee leaders.
  • Bring regional issues to the International Executive Committee for discussion and resolution.

The eligibility requirements for AP RVC are as follows: 

  • Be a citizen of the United States. 
  • Be a member of Democrats Abroad residing within a country in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Adhere to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States.
  • Due to the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, residents of the AP region who are temporarily residing outside of their country of residence due to the pandemic may still run for AP RVC (example: resident of Singapore who is temporarily residing in France due to quarantines and travel restrictions). There must be an intent to return to the AP region following the lift of travel restrictions.

Self-nominations and nominations of others are both welcomed and encouraged! Please submit any nominations via the nomination form at this link no later than 23 March 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-4). Each nominee is required to accept their nomination no later than 31 March 11:59 PM EDT (UTC-4). Nominations from the floor of the election meeting will be accepted as well, and all official candidates will be given time to make a short speech.

A list of candidates will be released on 1 April following the nomination acceptance deadline. 

Please direct any questions to [email protected].

On behalf of the 2021 AP Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC),

Anthony Nitz (Vietnam, Chair)
Christine Valverde (New Zealand)
Michael Ramos (Australia)
Phong Quan (Singapore)