If you've always wondered how to make this famous and traditional dish from the Philippines, try this delicious and easy recipe! Filipino Adobo (Chicken or Tofu) with Coconut Milk & Rice (PDF)


If you missed our live Korean Street Food event, it's not too late!  Get the recipes below, and join us live the next time!

Korean Street Food with Saehee Chang

Spicy Rice Cakes with Vegetables (Tteokbokki) - Click here for the recipe

Seafood and Green Onion Pancakes (Pa Jun) - Click here for the recipe

A common cold weather drink in East Asia, and very simple to make, and DELICIOUS. In Chinese medicine, ginger is considered "warming" and as such good for combating "cold qi", or cold energy, which includes the common cold. Ginger is also a good remedy for nausea, and stomach cramps (cramps are considered to be due to "excess cold qi".) A squeeze of fresh lemon is also a nice touch. When I had colds, my grandmother in Hong Kong would use ginger, lemon — and boil Coca-cola instead of water. (So much for Chinese medicine!) Tasty though. Enjoy!


This is a quick and easy recipe prepared in less than 15 minutes. This high-protein, vegan dish can be paired with noodles or plain rice.

The global pandemic has taken its psychological toll, especially on families with young children who are balancing home-schooling, getting work done and staving off cabin-fever. This recipe is a cheap, easy, one-pot method to make steaming bowls of umami-packed noodles that can be enjoyed by the whole family (or all your roommates). It is total comfort food and chicken soup for the soul (without the chicken).


This is one of my favorite dishes - my mother used to make this for special occasions. It's so simple, but so delicious and delicate. It's easier than ever now that so many people have an air fryer.

This is probably one of my all-time favorite tofu recipes because it is extremely easy, fast, and tasty! I generally accompany the dish with rice. But if you are looking for a healthier option, you can complement the dish with a bowl of quinoa or whole wheat pasta!

This is a delicious and fast lunch that we make when we can find udon noodles at our local grocery store.

Wildly popular with my omnivorous household, this recipe for vegan vichyssoise is a potato-leek soup.

It is not, as my honeymooning, proofreading mother once discovered on a Bermudian menu, a potato-"leak" soup. You don't have to wonder what is in it!


Since moving to Glasgow to go to university I find myself missing lots about New Orleans. I miss the warm weather, the people, my friends, family, the annual church Christmas tree sale, and most of all the food. Most New Orleanian dishes are meat heavy, spicy, and with specific ingredients hard to find anywhere else, so a lot of improvisation is needed when trying to cook for a group of friends with two vegans, a vegetarian, someone with a gluten intolerance, and make sure its not too spicy. Sadly this makes it impossible to make my favorite dish (chicken and sausage gumbo), but I've found that my red beans and rice recipe is always a hit! Red beans and rice are traditionally a Monday (laundry day) night dinner, as it's a low effort dish that can simmer all day while doing you're laundry. I've adjusted a couple recipes I've found online to my taste and schedule so feel free to improvise!

Lina's Red Beans and Rice (can be vegan/vegetarian)

Recipes From Home - What's yours?

Your grandmother’s kimchee, your Sunday afternoon poi snack, Dad’s lobster noodles, or that slice of Chicago pizza - these all represent a piece of home to us.  And as Americans overseas, it’s often hard to get your fix of food from home – whether you’re in Tokyo, missing your lasagna fix; or in Munich, searching for a dim sum restaurant.

We’d like to create a place to share the stories and recipes that remind you of home, that make you laugh, or that solve a problem!  We’ll post them here on our webpages and in our newsletter. If you have a video, even better – send us the link!

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