April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate Chris Zombik

Interested in
ExCom Positions: Director of Communications and Information Technology
At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
Based in: Shanghai

My name is Chris Zombik. I live in Shanghai and vote in Massachusetts. I am running for DA China leadership because I want this committee to be the best it can possibly be when it comes to connecting American expats in China and getting them involved in our democracy. I was also one of the main organizers for the DA China Global Presidential Primary in Shanghai.

I am running for Director of Communications and IT, with the general goal of fostering and strengthening the DA identity in China and around the world. I hope to achieve this through two main areas of effort.

First, I am well-prepared to handle the basic Comms/IT responsibilities: managing DA China's digital presence through social media and email activities, interfacing with press and other outside entities on behalf of the Executive Committee, and making sure that our communications systems are the best they can be for our needs as a geographically spread-out membership group.

Second, I will work hard to use the Comms/IT position as a creative, high-impact platform for new forms of outreach and engagement. I will explore the potential of digital platforms such as blogs, newsletters, and podcasts for telling stories about DA's amazing work, not just in China but around the world. I believe that by hearing about the struggles and successes of our counterparts here and in other countries, we will build a leaner, meaner, more engaged and effective membership. Storytelling is key: by getting the word out about what DA members worldwide are up to, Comms/IT can inspire unexpected connections and grassroots initiative. Importantly, these stories can easily be shared with other country committees to help them build engagement, too.

My background is well-suited to this role. My day job is helping Chinese kids apply for American colleges, so I am basically a communications and storytelling coach. In my free time, I'm an aspiring novelist and internet junkie. Running for Communications Director seems like the ideal way to combine my skills and interests in order to bolster expat political involvement in China and beyond. EMAIL