April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate Dallas Tokash

Interested in:
ExCom Positions: Vice Chair; Treasurer
At-Large Board Member: LGBT Caucus Lead; Member-At-Large
Based in: Beijing

My name is Dallas Tokash. Democrats Abroad China is very close to my heart. I have been in Beijing for more than 6 years, I am an intern at a local hospital and will start a pediatric program next fall. I plan to stay in China for many years. I lived in Milan, for 3 years where I first got into DA and helped get Obama elected. I have also lived in Rome, where I marched against the Iraq war and in Taiwan. I have leadership experience in academics and my spiritual community. I have volunteered in our party and DA in the past and now I would like your support for a position on the leadership board, where I would like to work on GOtV and membership engagement on the issues. The example given by those who have led us before is the inspiration for why I want to be one of the next generation of leaders who are ready to create a platform for all Democrats and future Democrats to focus on one task, changing red to BLUE. I met so many amazing people phone banking in 2016. Working together with these people showed me what our party was about and how it worked; they showed me the way, they showed me how to make calls, how to talk to the voters with hope and love, not fear and anger. Get Out the Vote is where I was able to get to work and I love it. I was initially in it for our candidate and then for our issues. During my breaks, I would do two things, talk to other volunteers listening to what they were passionate about and I would also listen to others on their phone calls, so that I could learn what worked. I heard that everyone has issues that are close to their heart, mine are gun control, electing female candidates, and as a future doctor I know how important women's health is. Every person should have access to healthcare and a healthy life, including a clean and healthy planet. I am thankful to Black Lives Matter for waking a lot of people up. I have marched for LGBT issues all my life, I never dreamed that LOVE would win, then it did. It was at my first pride parade where I saw the power of positive politics and power in numbers. I have been active in our party since my first vote for Bill Clinton. It was then in 2016, I realized I had been complacent, letting others do the work. I am proud of this party and I am ready to focus on our top priority, electing democrats up and down the ticket. I have experience leading groups and am familiar with Roberts Rules which provide the chance for all voices to be heard. I am here to show my gratitude to those who led the way for me. As a country committee of a country the size of China, there is another goal that I think is also important, letting every voice be heard. My hope that the leadership will be the lowest position in the country committee being led by the voters, and serving as the organizers. Technology and good leadership organization will help everyone in this vast country have the chance to participate. Let me know where you need me. EMAIL