April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate Faith Gary

Interested in
ExCom Positions: Director of IT and Communications
At-Large Board Member: At-Large Member
Based in: Shanghai

I earned my degree in Public Relations and Communication, and I am currently an ICT teacher at an IB World School. I am a passionate Democrat who (thanks to my two daughters) is fully immersed in and familiar with various social media platforms and ways people have adapted with the changing of technology to spread awareness and knowledge about subjects. Having lived overseas for years, I've also experimented with different digital platforms for finding the easiest, most successful way to hold conversations across city and country lines. 

During this Trump Era, I've realized spreading knowledge and awareness, coordinating with our fellow Democrats, and making a stand, will be the key to regaining the America I used to know. I was born during the Civil Rights Movement, and I have witnessed and experienced the different struggles over the decades in order for all Americans to be seen and heard by those in power. We cannot return back to those times. EMAIL