April 24, 2017

Leadership Board Candidate James Flanagan

Interested in
ExCom Officer Positions: Undeclared
At-Large Board Member: Communications and Information Technology Adviser
Based in: Beijing

Hi everyone, I am James Flanagan and I am running for a non-Executive Committee leadership position for the Democrats Abroad in China while being based in Beijing. I am interested in advising the executive committee by hopefully taking on an official role as Adviser to the Communications and IT Director.

IN SHORT: 10 years in Beijing+HK. Social entrepreneur for 5 year+, founder of TEDxBeijing, and WEF Global Shapers Beijing. Large amounts of volunteer management, event production, and sponsorship raising experience.

LONGER: So far, I've had the opportunity to volunteer and plan voter registration in 3 presidential election cycles while in Beijing. Today, we all know the importance of being involved in our political system, and I feel compelled to help where I can. I would be proud to serve the board in the advising on this year's activities.

Being supportive is important, especially for those of us who live overseas and can't participate enough at home. Although I vote in Florida, I have lived more than 20 years in Asia, including the past 10 years in Beijing and HK. I spent the rest of my time in Asia growing up in Singapore and attending the French school. Like many Americans I've had the opportunity to meet and work with, I am also a third culture kid. My French side has always been easy to add to my American side since the histories and cultures of both countries are so intertwined, including, of course, the formidable ideas that underpin both system. Cross cultural understanding, especially given the direction of global politics, is what I also hope to bring to my position.

An additional important asset that I would like to bring to the position is my long experience building volunteer networks and activities. While in Beijing, I have had the honor to lead the development of the TEDx event series and the development of the youth community attached to the World Economic Forum. Combined, they represent more than 30 events and thousands of attendees.

Beyond the professional understanding of brand management, event production, and community building, working on both of these initiatives have given me the insight of what is possible in China and Asia for foreign networks. My experiences range from working on communication and IT issues for both networks, following the development of nonprofit activities in China, and how to connect China based networks to the rest of the world. I would like to bring this experience and insight to the work that Democrats Abroad will need to take on while we engage in activities while we are far from home.

If elected, I will look forward to working to serve our community and help us be engage with the important work that we need to undertake as so many aspects of our lives change, in America and around the world. I am happy to talk with anyone, and answer any questions.

I look forward to helping us work together to meet the challenges ahead. EMAIL