A Message for Alaska Voters

Your vote is critical. Really. This is Alaska – where a state house election was once decided by a coin flip, and where two recent primary elections were determined by double digits. When we say every vote counts, we MEAN IT!

You can and will make a difference in every race, but we especially need your support for Alyse Galvin for U.S. Congress, and Mark Begich for Governor (the ONLY gubernatorial candidate who supports Ballot Initiative #1, which would update decades-old policies and provide basic and reasonable safeguards for our salmon streams). Both candidates have challenges, but they also have a path to victory, and they are true champions of Democratic values. To win, they will need every vote and are counting on you!

Even if you voted from abroad in the past, if you haven't yet requested your ballot this year, you still need to do so to make sure you can vote. Just go to votefromabroad.org, fill in the Federal request form, print, sign and send it in to your local election office here in Alaska. Below is a list of our Democratically-endorsed candidates that will be on the ballots. Thank you for your commitment to vote!

On behalf of the Alaska Democratic Party I thank you for your commitment to voting!

Democratically yours,
Casey Steinau
Alaska Democratic Party Chair


Your deadlines are coming up. Don't forget:

REGISTER to vote from abroad by Sunday, October 7. Your registration form will also request your ballot and may be sent by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend that you send your registration/request form asap by email, and that you request a ballot by fax or online delivery.


REQUEST to receive your overseas absentee ballot by fax or online delivery by Monday, November 5, 5 pm. Request to receive your ballot by mail by Saturday, October 27. You may send your request form by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend that you request a ballot by fax or online delivery, to have the option to return your ballot by fax. If you request a ballot by mail, you must return your ballot by mail.


RETURN your ballot by Tuesday, November 6, 8 pm AKST. Your ballot returned by fax must be received by Election Day. Your ballot returned by mail must be postmarked by Election Day and received by Wednesday, November 21.


Democratically-endorsed candidates so you recognize them on your ballot:


Alyse Galvin


Mark Begich and Debra Call


  • A – SCOTT KAWASAKI (Fairbanks)
  • E – SUSAN KAY (Mat-Su)
  • G – OLIVER SCHEISS (Eagle River)
  • I – ELVI GRAY-JACKSON (Midtown Anchorage)
  • K – SAM CASON (West Anchorage)
  • M – JANICE PARK (Anchorage/Huffman/Abbott)
  • Q – JESSE KIEHL (Juneau)


  • 1 – KATHRYN DODGE (Fairbanks)
  • 2 – VAN LAWRENCE (Fairbanks/Wainwright)
  • 4 – GRIER HOPKINS (Fairbanks/Goldstream)
  • 5 – ADAM WOOL (Fairbannks/Chena Ridge/Airport)
  • 6 – EDWARD ALEXANDER (Fairbanks/Eielson/Nenana)
  • 8 – JIM CHESBRO (Mat-Su/Big Lake)
  • 9 – BILL JOHNSON (Delta/Valdez/Richardson Hwy.)
  • 10 – PATRICIA FAYE-BRAZEL (Talkeetna/Willow)
  • 11 – EILEEN PATTERSON (Greater Palmer)
  • 12 – STEPHANY JEFFERS (Wasilla/Fairview/Chugiak)
  • 13 – DANYELLE KIMP (Ft. Richardson/N. Eagle River)
  • 14 – JOE HACKENMUELLER (Eagle River)
  • 15 – LYN FRANKS (Anchorage/Elmendorf)
  • 16 – IVY SPOHNHOLZ (East Anchorage/College Gate)
  • 17 – ANDREW “ANDY” JOSEPHSON (Anchorage/University)
  • 18 – HARRIET DRUMMOND (Anchorage/Spenard)
  • 19 – GERAN TARR (Anchorage/Mt. View)
  • 20 – ZACK FIELDS (Anchorage, Downtown)
  • 21 – MATT CLAMAN (West Anchorage)
  • 23 – CHRIS TUCK (Anchorage/Taku)
  • 24 – SUE LEVI (Anchorage/Oceanview)
  • 25 – PAT HIGGINS (Anchorage/Abbott)
  • 26 – ANITA THORNE (Anchorage/Huffman/Lower Hillside)
  • 27 – LIZ SNYDER (East Anchorage/Basher)
  • 28 – AMBER LEE (South Anchorage/Hillside/Girdwood)
  • 29 – SHAWN BUTLER (N. Kenai/Nikiski/Seward/Hope)
  • 31 – PAUL SEATON (Homer)
  • 32 – DENNIS HARRIS (Kodiak/Cordova/Seldovia)
  • 33 – SARA HANNAN (Juneau/Gustavus/Haines/Skagway)
  • 34 – ANDI STORY (Juneau/Mendenhall Valley)
  • 35 – JONATHAN KREISS-TOMKINS (Sitka/Petersburg)
  • 36 – DAN ORTIZ (Ketchikan/Wrangell)
  • 37 – BRYCE EDGMON (Dillingham/Unalaska/Aleutians)
  • 38 – TIFFANY ZULKOSKY (Bethel/Lower Kuskokwim)
  • 39 – NEAL FOSTER (Nome/Bering Straits)
  • 40 – JOHN LINCOLN (Arctic/Utqiagvik/Kotzebue)


All overseas voters may vote in elections for federal offices (US House and US Senate races). Overseas voters who indicate they “intend to return” may also vote in Alaska state elections.

Note: When you fill in your ballot request form, be aware that selecting “I intend to return” rather than “my return is uncertain” may contribute towards establishing yourself as a tax resident in your voting state. Because the legal requirements to establish "residence" or "domicile" for tax purposes are determined by state law and the specific facts of your life, before you note that you intend to return on your form you may consider seeking advice on these matters from your tax professional.