Americas Regional Convention Results!

Many congratulations to our Americas Regional Vice Chair Kathy Rothschild, and her fantastic team of volunteers for running an excellent convention - all online - and to the following representatives from Americas who have just been elected to join the Democrats Abroad 2020 DNC delegation, be a 2020-2024 DNC member, or join the DA 2020 Global Platform committee:

 Ken Sherman (CA), 2020-2024 DA DNC member
 Tim Ellis (CA), 2020 DA Sanders delegate
 Miguel Madrigal (CR), 2020 DA Biden delegate
 Rachel Eugster (CA), 2020 Platform committee member
 Sam Goodman (CR), 2020 Platform committee member

The meeting began at 11:00am Eastern on May 17  and concluded shortly after 4pm Eastern, with participants calling in from Chile to Vancouver. Voting started with the election of the Americas regional DNC member, Ken Sherman, and then the electors and candidates split into two presidential preference groups to vote on 1 delegate each to represent VP Biden and Senator Sanders. The Sanders room was chaired by Marnelle Dragila (CA) and the Biden room by Steve Nardi (CA).

Following the delegate elections, the regional electors came together once more to vote on the region's two platform committee members. Danielle Stampley (CA) led the region through an excellent discussion on resolutions which had been submittted to the convention for review. Ultimately the electing body voted for all 9 to be submitted to the Global Platform Committee for consideration.