November 07, 2018

A Feminist Blue Wave Crashes over Washington!

By Ann Hesse

Congratulations to our new women lawmakers! Hundreds of women are headed for Washington and state legislatures now. More women than ever before in history are taking power at every level of government throughout the United States of America!
This feminist blue wave will transform the political landscape forever!

Congratulation also to us! I wish to thank our thousands of Global Women’s Caucus members and hundreds of hard-working GWC leaders around the world for working to make this a reality! Thank you for your energy, ideas and dedication, and for helping to get out this crucial vote. This is your victory too! Savor it!

We have worked hard and deserve to celebrate now, but we are far from finished! Support for our new women legislators cannot stop with ballots cast and elections won. In the coming days and months, let us all consider ways in which we can continue to support them as their constituents, as their sisters and as a caucus. I welcome your ideas!

Washington D.C. is a battleground and our brave new army of smart, diverse, vibrant women lawmakers will need our back up every step of the way. We dare not abandon them on the front lines.

Today, we celebrate! Tomorrow we continue our journey. But this time, with our own leaders at the helm and the wind at our backs we have a real chance to make our dreams a reality. Our time has come!

- Ann Hesse, Co-chair Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus