We will march!

Since the 2016 presidential election, the Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus and its members have marched in unison to support, protect and secure our rights as women.

We will march in cities around the world again this weekend, independently and proudly, powered by the massive blue wave of hundreds of diverse new women legislators, thousands of GWC members, and tens of thousands of activist men and women who support our cause.

It is important to state NOW and LOUDLY that we vigorously condemn all hate speech by any individuals or organizations for whatever reason and by whomever and wherever it may occur. Women’s rights are too important to be diverted by the actions, prejudices or ignorance of any individual leaders or participants in any movement.

Please join us to this weekend in marches around the world!

· We march in support of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution to secure for American women the same equality under the law that many women around the world already enjoy!

· We march to maintain and advance our rights to health care!

· We march to show the world that we must stop violence against us, stop inequality of pay and power and stop the infringement of our rights as equal human beings!

Join us and add your voice to our call to free both men and women from the constraints and abuses of the patriarchy that are holding all of us back!

In solidarity,
Your GWC Team