Candidate statement from Kat Allikian (DA-New Zealand, Regional Vice Chair for Asia Pacific)

I can’t recall a time when I was not involved in Democratic politics, from following my mother around as a child knocking on doors in Denver, to co-chairing the 2008 Warren County (Iowa) Democratic Convention. Moving overseas in 2012 did nothing to slow these leanings. Shortly after discovering Democrats Abroad New Zealand, I found myself running for Chair of DANZ, a role I held for two terms. I was fortunate to work with some amazingly dedicated leaders and volunteers in DANZ, all of whom helped pull off the first-in-the-world 2016 Super Tuesday primary in Wellington, more than double the DANZ membership during my terms, and develop active engagement outside the main city of Auckland. While DANZ Chair, I also became active in a number of global teams, including chairing the Travel Fund Committee and serving on the 2017 Global NEC.

I have also had the privilege to serve the Asia Pacific region for four years, beginning as Deputy Regional Vice Chair in 2015 under then-RVC Alex Montgomery. I continued as Deputy under RVC Shaun Barnes and was appointed by the International Executive Committee to serve as RVC when Shaun stepped down in early 2018. AP leaders honored me with unanimous support in May 2018 to continue officially as RVC. I have been supported by phenomenal Deputies in Samantha Wong (China) and previously in Kari Hiepko-Odermann (formerly of India).

As RVC, I have represented AP at weekly International Excom meetings, bringing the concerns and needs of our region before other international leaders. I have worked tirelessly to ensure that leadership across the globe considers AP’s time zones when planning global events, encouraging compromises whenever possible. I am proud that our region had such a strong presence at the 2018 Global Meeting in Tokyo. Ten of the eleven in-compliance AP Country Committees were represented in person, mostly by multiple members.

Democrats are a diverse group, and AP is no exception. It has been my pleasure to provide time at our monthly meetings for caucuses to share news and initiatives with AP leaders. I have worked with AP leaders to develop plans and bylaws amendments to increase diversity, transparency, and participation. I have actively supported members in countries without local leadership to hold events and increase outreach.

I would be honored to serve another term as RVC. My vision includes developing leaders who can tackle the regional and global challenges of Democrats Abroad; bringing out-ofcompliance Country Committees into compliance by promoting community-building events and growing local leadership; and ensuring AP exceeds GOTV goals for the 2020 Global Presidential Primary and 2020 elections.

I am happy to hear your questions and comments. Feel free to reach me at [email protected].

Thank you for your consideration