January 16, 2017

Inauguration Call To Action: HomePack for Demanding Accountability

Thanks for joining our Inauguration Action demanding Congress perform its Constitutional duty to act as an independent check on the Executive Branch.  Many of us hold grave concerns about the conflicts of interest that exist between the business interest of the incoming president (and some of his appointees) and the interests of the nation.  

We are therefore marking the troubling start of Trump's term by handwriting letters to Congress asking them to sponsor legislation that requires the President of the United States and his Cabinet members to disclose details of all their business dealings and US tax returns and put all business holdings in a blind trust.

In order to help prepare your letter we have drafted some rough bullet points on this grave issue of concern and have prepared two sample letters  - one suitable for an adult and one for a child.  Letters to Congress from children stand a decent chance of being answered!  Encourage yours to write!  Find the links to these three documents below.

If you do not know the name of your member of the House of Representatives or your Senators these links will help you find them, and their addresses, using the zip code of your voting address: 


Please let us know that you have sent a letter or letters.  We will report back on the success of our campaign.

Democratically yours,

Carmelan Polce

Vice Chair, DA Lion City Committee