One Year Countdown to the 2020 Elections: Help DA China Help You!


The fifth Democratic debate is in the books, and the field of candidates for the Democratic nomination is likely going to continue to narrow over the next few months. Meanwhile, our WeChat groups are alive with our own debates about who will win the nomination and go head-to-head with President Trump next November. Which has many of our members asking: How do I vote in the primaries from overseas?

 DA China’s Leadership Board held a countdown kickoff event earlier this month on November 3rd, exactly one year before the 2020 election. We recapped the current impeachment proceedings, announced pending bylaws changes, discussed ideas for voter registration activities across China, and covered the basics of the upcoming Global Presidential Primary.



As part of our work representing Americans living overseas, Democrats Abroad will be holding our Global Presidential Primary from March 3 to March 10 this year, with voting locations planned throughout the world. In China, we are planning to have in-person voting locations in several cities and a mail-in ballot system for those that are unable to vote in person.

 This will be historic for a number of reasons, and also marks the first time that our DA China members are able to vote from overseas in the Democratic primary.


This requires tremendous organization and planning work on the part of our DA China team, and comes at a significant cost. We’re calling on all of our members to help us by volunteering to help manage a voting center, by getting the word out to fellow Americans, and by making a contribution to help us with expenses.

 Please get in touch with our official DA China WeChat account to get more info on how you can be a part of history, and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

-Aaron Kruse
Chair, DA China