February 16, 2023

Americans in South Korea by Sigugun

Americans in South Korea by Sigugun: A Resource for National, Chapter, and Precinct Organizers 

This post is intended to provide useful demographic and geographical information to our leaders and organizers here in South Korea. The visuals in this post are intended to aid national, chapter, and precinct leaders in our primary mission - helping Americans register to vote, request their absentee ballots, and encouraging them to join Democrats Abroad. The full, interactive version is here

When viewing the visuals, please be keep a few things in mind: 

1. These visuals were constructed using data published by Korean Immigration Service (KIS) under the Republic of Korea Ministry of Justice. KIS provides these statistics to the public on semi-annual basis in March and September. The data utilized for these visuals comes from the September 2021 report. COVID-19 protocols were still in place at the time this data was published, policies that may have suppressed the total number of Americans in the country or their movement around the country.  

2. This visual information only includes "registered foreigners with American citizenship," 등록외국인 in Korean, 27,764 people in total. This does not include ethnic Koreans with American citizenship 제외동포 43,212, American military personnel 군인 (estimated 28,500), their dependents 협정, nor diplomatic personnel 외교. It also does not include dual citizens. While the data only considers a percentage of the total, it still illuminates centers of American congregation where all Americans are likely to interact in some capacity.

If you are able to provide local analysis and nuance to these visuals, we invite you to send it to [email protected]




Incheon-North Gyeonggi


Busan-South Gyeongsang Province


Daegu-North Gyeongsang Province

Daejeon-Sejong-Urban North Chungcheong Province

Chungcheong Province



Jeolla Province