December 13, 2022

Democrats Abroad Deliver: Celebrating Democrats Abroad's Admission into the Young Democrats of America

After nearly a year of negotiations, Democrats Abroad has been formally admitted into the Young Democrats of America (YDA) structure for the first time in both organizations’ histories. Founded in 1932, the Young Democrats of America is the largest partisan, youth-led political organization in the United States, giving a voice to young voters and cultivating the Democratic stars of tomorrow.

At their annual winter meeting held in Buffalo, New York, from December 9-11, the YDA body voted on resolutions, bylaws amendments, officers, and adding a Democrats Abroad chapter, a decision met with overwhelming support. Democrats Abroad was represented by Brent Jamsa of DA Canada at both the YDA Credentials Committee and General Assembly voting sessions. 

When the gavel fell on Sunday afternoon, thousands of U.S. and dual citizens under 36 who live abroad gained representation in YDA through their membership on Democrats Abroad’s Global Youth Caucus (GYC). “Giving under-36 voters a voice and ownership in Democratic politics is mission critical. We’re excited to engage young voters from every corner of the world even more with YDA at our side,” said 29-year-old DA International Chair Candice Kerestan. YDA President Quentin Wathum-Ocama added that “bringing Democrats Abroad into the YDA fold is a gamechanger, especially considering how crucial votes from abroad can be in winning close elections across the country.” 

As we take this collaboration to the next level, Democrats Abroad would like to thank YDA President Quentin Wathum-Ocama, YDA Democratic National Committee Member Dunixi Guereca, and Democrats Abroad GYC Chair José Miguel Madrigal, in particular, for their spirit of cooperation and commitment to empowering young voters. 

Democrats Abroad’s admission to YDA marks the start of a new partnership between stateside and overseas voters under 36, and we’re excited to see it grow in the 2024 cycle and beyond!

U.S. and dual citizens under 36 living abroad can join Democrats Abroad’s Global Youth Caucus at