DAGT Direct Fund Raiser Campaign 2018

Dear Democrat,

I don’t think we need to mention how important the 2018 midterm elections are. All 435 House members are up for election and 33 Senate seats as well. Winning back the House and the Senate would mean control over a chaotic White House, and influence over public policy. To do our part, Democrats Abroad Guatemala (DAGT) is asking for your financial support. We want to maximize our efforts to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in 2018. We need to advertise our monthly voter registration events in Revue and Que Pasa, and if we have enough resources, we will do social media ads on Facebook and Twitter to try and reach even more voters. This fund raiser campaign runs from January 20th to February 20th.

You can donate in cash or by check in person to one of the DAGT Executive Committee members (see the list below), or at one of two online choices: PayPal or Stripe.com.

Click on your preference below:



Contributions of $25 or more will earn a prize of either a 2018 Women’s Caucus calendar or a Lo Siento por El Imbécil cap.

Help us win back the House and the Senate.

Thank you,

Chair, John Chudy, mayadems@yahoo.com, 5783-3633

 Vice Chair, Mary Lou Ridinger, marylouridinger@yahoo.com, (502) 7832-2756, (502) 5523-0340 (cell)

 Secretary, Lyn Totino, allyntotino@gmail.com, (502) 7832-2619

 Treasurer, Tom Totino, ttotino@gmail.com, (502) 5718-6153

 Counsel: Letty Manne, lettyjane@gmail.com (502) 7832-8037

 Member-at-Large: Annie Vanderboom, annie.vanderboom@gmail.com (502) 5702-6514

 Member-at-Large: Dave Evans, devans@icronline.org (502) 5166-8829

 Issues/Programs/Special Events/Social Standing Committee Chair: Kee Kalwara, keekalwara@gmail.com, (502) 4170-5537

 Media Contact & Communications Standing Committee Chair: Mary Leigh Reynolds, maryreynolds85@gmail.com, 502 4204 6139

Guatemala City MeetUp Group Chair: Hyungjoon Jin, Hyungjoon.jin@interamericano.edu.gt, (502) 5584-1715

Lake Atitlán MeetUp Group Chair: Traci Styner, tracisd@gmail.com (502) 4198-7680

 Occidente MeetUp Group Chair: Sara Castellano, sarafem@gmail.com (502) 5264 6400

San Marcos area. Occidente MeetUp Group Deputy Chair,

Rachael Shenyo, rshenyo@yahoo.com (502) 3087 3516, Quetzaltenango/Huehuetenango areas