Shareable Graphics 2020

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Include links to,, or

Share for people in the states to register to vote or check their voter registrations.

Here are some sample text for the graphics:

Request your ballot today at

Since 2012, All U.S. citizens outside the United States who want to vote by absentee ballot must request a ballot every year if they wish to vote from abroad.

Request your ballot today at and ensure your voice is heard!

Please use the hashtags #DAG2020 and #Expatlife

VFA1.jpg   Vote2.jpg
GPP_Meme(1).png   Congress_is_important.jpg
climate_sq2.jpg   environ_sq2.jpg
equality_sq2.jpg   gun_square2a.jpg
immigration_sq2.jpg   LGBT_sq2.jpg
women_sq2.jpg   Vote_Democrat.jpg
Bad_Politicians.png   DA.jpg
Democrats_Believe.png   Obama_VFB.jpg
Power_of_One.png   Presidental_alert.jpg
myth_fact2(1).png   myth_fact2.png
myth_fact3_(1).png   You_count.jpg
your_vote_counts.jpeg   Democrats_Believe.png
Study_Abroad.png   Elections_Matter.png