Dream from Krakow, Poland

Success to Joe Biden, our 46th President, and the Democratic Party in Congress in the implementation of his agenda for America, addressing social and economic injustice and inequality, climate change and clean energy, strong alliances with other democracies that promote and institute democratic government over the authoritarianism in Russia and China, and other countries.

As Max Boot wrote in the Washington Post, there is another pandemic in America—and pandemic of ignorance and irrationality. There is no vaccine for this pandemic; only we ourselves can save ourselves. We have to acknowledge that there exists in our country a substantial element or a number of citizens who are filled with and driven by irrationality, ignorance, and hatred, and who believe and act upon lies willingly spread by influential others, including, despairingly, members of Congress. We must hope that Joe Biden and an open-minded Democratic Party will reach out to these people and address their otherwise valid issues (jobs, culture, respect) and work toward a more unified country; convince them that they were following false prophets who only cared about personal power.

There can be no unity unless there is accountability. Those who, by perpetuating the Big Lie (the illegitimacy of the election) enabled and encouraged the violent assault on the nation’s capital in an attempt to overthrow a legitimate election must be prosecuted. The senators and congressional representatives who betrayed their sworn obligation to defend and protect the constitution, and incited sedition must be held accountable. Only then can the nation begin to heal.