Dreams for America - the growing collection

Democrats Abroad is here to amplify the voices of our members through collective action. This is a pivotal moment for Democratic governance, so your dreams and actions over the next few months can make an exceptional difference beyond the ballot box.
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Dream from Cyprus

My dreams for America include the possibility for every person in the Unites States to be able to live, work and study in a welcoming, free and conflict-free environment, regardless of race, religion and ethnic background. TRUTH and HONESTY should be rewarded in American society. And let's agree with the scientific experts about Climate change and important health basics we need to enjoy our freedoms.

Dream from Glasgow, Scotland

Justice, peace, equality, UNITY, green growth, public healthcare, fair wages, focus on the PEOPLE not companies or wealth.

Dreams from Italy, a video

Democrats Abroad Italy submitted this moving video of their members' dreams to share with the new Biden Harris administration.


Dream from Italy

I dream of Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the pursuit of happiness for All.

Universal health care, QUALITY affordable education, an end to ignorance, end to racism and our mass incarceration especially targeting blacks.

That the USA can lead the world to peace, empathy and make the climate crisis a priority and that Trump and his cronies will be held responsible and prosecuted.

Dream from Italy

I long to see an end to systemic racism in my lifetime. A time when white America (of whom I’m a member) acknowledges our deep, racist roots as a nation and works hard to grow beyond white privilege and begin to take concrete steps to counteract our unconscious racial biases.

I also deeply long to see civility and decency among citizens, not just those in government but all of us. We can disagree on a myriad of subjects – have polar opposites of opinions and political views, but still treat each other with respect and decency.

Dream from Italy

- That my mother and sister can expect the same level of healthcare as I receive in Italy, without ever being fearful that it will bankrupt them or foregoing necessary exams because of out-of-pocket expenses or insurance offices which dictate that they must try every other method before accessing the known and effective one.

-That student debt the size of mortgages will no longer hold back people from my generation, as forgiveness programs are introduced and even private borrowers are given relief. That new students are able to access more federal grants based on need, disability status, and other hardships. That those with particular difficulties or disabilities will be given living stipends to take care of expenses while studying, so that they can focus on their grades.

-That the Black Lives Matter leaders will have an audience, as they’ve already requested, with the new administration and sweeping changes will be made to how we keep communities safe. That the prison sentencing rules for crimes of survival and those which do not harm others will change. That there will not be perverse benefits for the state when BPOC are in the prisons, working for pennies, in a slavery-like state.

-That acts like VAWA, the Voting Rights Act, U-Visas, and DACA are strengthened and upheld. That we treat people from other countries with dignity and have a more open policy, especially to those whose nations we have profited from for decades.

-That we take a true and unbreakable vow to reduce carbon emissions and stop climate change. That we go beyond less effective individual strategies and work for larger, systemic change which includes corporate responsibility and obligations.

-That we no longer have the legacy of a country whose liberals and conservatives are starkly different in how they execute their domestic policies, yet continue on both sides to wreak havoc on and profit from the destruction and reconstruction of developing countries. That we promote nuclear disarmament and peace.

-That if I ever were to return to living in the United States, I would be able to rest assured that my tax dollars were being put to use for the good of humanity. That I could know that we put horse trading and special influence groups to rest. That things had taken a turn for the better.

I sincerely hope for all of these things.

However, as we all are, I am relieved at least that we will have some semblance of order, civility, democracy, and decorum restored to our White House.

Dream from Italy

My dream is actually rather simple; that we can make those that stormed the US Capitol account for their many crimes, that this paramilitary mob receives the same treatment as BLM protestors; only then, via justice, and equal treatment, can we truly move on as a nation and overcome our "original sin" of white supremacy. Also, my dream is to see Trump go to prison for the rest of his life for any one of his many crimes, from financial to sedition. I believe he would look great in orange.

Dream from Italy

Note: Submitted together from multiple members of DA-Italy.

I dream of an aware America, conscious and feeling, informed and empathic.

January 20 is only a beginning.
We are all going to have to do our best to make our country one to be proud of again.

I would "dream" that public education is strengthened with civics returning to the curriculum. All other success depends on that happening.

My dream is that by the time my 15 year old is old
enough to vote the government divide has become much smaller. -S

I dream of an administration that cares about people and the planet more than their own power. I definitely dream of finally having a US president who takes climate change seriously and acts with urgency to solve it.

I dream a better world.

Dream from Italy

My dream for the US in the next few years is to make the climate crisis a priority with massive-scale mobilization on the part of industry, to address the rapid loss of biodiversity and to stop using fossil fuels. I wish for an administration that focuses on the equity and well-being of all people, rather than on the constant accumulation of material goods and wealth for the few, that reinstates a fair stance on political asylum and takes an active position on equal opportunity for all. I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they both have a very promising record on most of these issues but I am hoping they move further to the left. Oh, and I want President Trump and the other wealthy and powerful people who kept him in office to be prosecuted and jailed.