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The Democrats Abroad Environment & Climate Crisis Council (the ECCC) comprises DA members from around the world concerned with the existential threat climate change and environmental degradation pose to the planet today. Our Council advocates for systemic climate and environmental policies and solutions within the global Democratic community. We encourage all DA members to join the ECCC, learn together, and take positive action.


The DA Global ECCC mirrors the Democratic National Committee’s ECCC in its mission to ensure that the Democratic Party takes ambitious action on the climate and other environmental issues.  We’re talking with Democrats across the globe who bear witness in real time to this unfolding climate crisis. US and global policies have less than eight years to curb catastrophic and irreversible havoc to our planet. The time is no longer imminent, it is here!

President Biden ran on a pro-climate platform and promised to reverse the irresponsible policies of the former administration.  He, his administration, and Congress are rising to the task and have now passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest investment and boldest legislation to tackle climate change in history. It is a stunning legislative achievement. 

We must continue the work, nonetheless, of bridging the remaining 10% gap in the 50% emissions commitments made by the Biden administration. This includes ending fossil fuel subsidies, blocking drilling on federal lands and waters, and fighting for action and environmental justice for the Black, brown, Indigenous, and other historically vulnerable communities, who already bear the disproportionate brunt of this climate and environmental crisis.


Our Council is committed to environmental justice for communities and voters. We strive to increase information and participation amongst constituents concerned with and impacted by the environment and climate crisis.

Historically, persons most impacted by environmental and climate issues have been marginalized and excluded from the decision-making process. To combat this, the ECCC promotes inclusion, a just transition, and environmental justice in its policy-making framework. We aspire to amplify the voices and expertise of those disproportionately harmed by environmental threats and to advocate for policies and candidates that address these historical injustices. 


The ECCC is Democrats Abroad's newest advocacy group. Our activities include:

  • Voter engagement
  • Events; we hold a monthly forum, called the CLIMATE CAFE, on topical issues. We also organize global events in collaboration with other DA caucuses and contribute to State Teamwork for candidate events.
  • Issues advocacy; we delve deeply into climate-related issues, especially with our Watchdogs Research Task Force.
  • In intersectional collaboration, we work closely with other caucuses and teams.
  • If you want to volunteer, contact us at [email protected].



Building upon the landmark achievement of the Inflation Reduction Act, we must continue working to phase out fossil fuels and halt the peril to our planet and vulnerable communities. We have little time, and exigent action is required.  We, therefore, continue to urge the Biden-Harris administration to declare a National Climate Emergency.  Sign our ECCC National Climate Emergency Petition.

Check out our Earth Care Toolkit for tools, resources, and suggestions on what you can do to make a difference.

Vote! The best way to save the planet is to step into a voting booth. Overseas voters, please register/request your absentee ballot at Americans living in the US can register or verify their registration at

Contact us at [email protected].

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