Election 2020


Democrats Abroad Germany in the news


Spiegel article 10.10.2020 US-Bürger im Ausland

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Bürgermeisterin Habenschaden macht US-Wahlkampf

Munich Abendzeitung 10Oct2020

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Phoenix Runde 10October2020 with Candice Kerestan, Chair Democrats Abroad Deutschland



US Wahlkampf in Lübecks Fußgängerzone HL-Live 26Sep2020

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It's Now or Never - article in The Local Berlin 30Sep2020

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Lawrence Ayers, Evamid Sharma and Nathan Friedlander from Democrats Abroad Darmstadt

Per US-Briefwahl mitbestimmen auch von Darmstadt aus - Darmstädter Echo 02Oct2020



Erstes TV-Duell im US-Wahlkamp 30.Sep2020

Candice, Chair Democrats Abroad Germany interview


Donald Trump vs Joe Biden - Wer hat das erste TV Duell für sich entschieden? Moderator Markus Feldkirchen, Democrats Broad represented by Emily Lines 30.Sep2020



"Vote From Abroad" will in Gießen lebende Amerikaner zum Wählen bewegen 28.Sep2020

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Geoffrey Bonosevic from Democrats Abroad Nord- und Mittelbayern

Democrats Abroad zu Gast bei der bruecke Regensburg 24.Sep2020

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Fax, mail or DHL? Overseas U.S. voters fret ahead of Nov. 3 election, reuters Sept 23rd

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Frankfurter Rundschau article: US-Amerikaner in Frankfurt: Donald Trump besiegen

VFA and Democrats Abroad at the Römer Sunday, September 20th

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Volunteer Justin Clark (R) guides American citizen Glory Nix through the online voter registration process at a registration drive by the non-partisan group VotefromAbroad.org in Berlin, Germany.Sean Gallup / Getty Images

'Hysteria' among overseas voters as coronavirus issues threaten mail-in ballot delays - NBC article 20Sep2020

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US Election 2020: For Americans abroad, Election Day is already here - DW 

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US-Wahlen 2020: Wie wird es in den Vereinigten Staaten weitergehen?

Organized by the Association of American University and Professional Women in Munich, Amerikahaus – Bavarian Center for Transatlantic Relations, on September 17th, Candice Kerestan, Chair Democrats Abroad Germany and Dr. George Weinberg from Republicans Overseas debated the positions of the candidates on pressing issues – such as the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. economy, race relations, taxation, the environment, policing, and immigration at the Amerikahaus, Munich. The debate was moderated by Prof. Dr. Michael Hochgeschwender, professor of North American Cultural Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.

Aileen Dinin Düsseldorf Chapter Chair

Democrats Abroad: Werben für Joe Biden im Ruhrgebiet - Welt am Sonntag 31.Aug2020

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Ein völlig anderes Wahlsystem

Bobby Winkler erklärt die amerikanischen Wahlen

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