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Berlin Chapter Chair Diego Rivas on Deutsche Welle News

Democrats Abroad Germany Berlin Chapter Chair, Diego Rivas made an appearance on Deutsche Welle News Tuesday, February 4, 2020. He talks about the Iowa Caucus, the Democratic primary, and Democrats Abroad's Global Presidential Primary 3-10 March 2020.

Emily Lines on Phoenix Runde

Democrats Abroad Germany's Fundraising And Event Coordinator and  Berlin Vice Chair, Emily Lines, on the political talk show Phoenix Runde on 18 December 2019. She talks about impeachment with  Prof. Boris Vormann, USA-Experte Bard College Berlin, Benjamin Wolfmeier, Republicans Overseas Germany,  and Sudha David Wilp, German Marshall Fund of the United States.


“The Americans” Interview Beverly Seebach How Crucial is the Expat Vote?


Our Press Coordinator Beverly Seebach was interviewed on the “The Americans” podcast.

This week’s episode of “The Americans” takes a closer look at the US presidency from a different perspective: geographically speaking. There are millions of Americans living abroad - who still care about what’s going on back home. With presidential elections coming up a year from now, a handful of the few thousand Democrats living in Germany are volunteering their free time to be an active part of politics in their home country.

Listen to the interview.



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Democrats Abroad Germany on the Deutsche Welle "The Day" with Brent Goff

Emily Lines, Events and Fundraiser Coordinator, Democrats Abroad Germany spoke on behalf of DAG on the "The Day" with Brent Goff


DA Germany Cologne in CSD parade 2019

ARD Tageschau posted DA Germany support of the LGBT

community at CSD parade in Cologne on Instagram