Schedule for Nomination and Election of 2021 DA China Leadership Board

The NEC will oversee the election of the 2021 DA China Leadership Board. Members of the committee were appointed by DA China Chair at the March Leadership Board Meeting (3/04/2021): Jordania Rowden, Dr Kymmberli (Dr.Sparkles) Stowe, and Samantha Wong.

Schedule (Released by the NEC 3/24/2021)

  • March 14- NEC Meeting
  • March 28 - NEC meeting
  • April 13 – call for nominations
  • April 27 - close call for nominations
  • May 4 – verify all candidates are DA members
  • May 5 - announce to everyone who is running
  • May 23 – Members vote

Members are also invited to view our bylaws and archived meeting minutes on the wiki.

Open items:

  • Call for nominations form, what platform should we use?
  • What platform to use to vote?