April 01, 2023

Meet Becca Young – EMEA Non-CC DPCA Voting Representative


Congratulations to Becca Young, the newly elected Non-CC DPCA Voting Representative for the EMEA Region!

Becca Young lives in Morocco and votes in Virginia. She has been an active member of DA since 2008, including two years as chair of DA-Indonesia, and has participated in several DA committees at the regional and global level, first with DA-Asia Pacific and now DA-EMEA since her move to Morocco in 2015. She currently serves as co-vice chair of DA Africa Committee.

“It’s an honor to be elected to this role as DA-EMEA Non-CC Representative. I highly value the significance of DA efforts for GOTV as well as advocacy and activism throughout the political cycle, working to keep politicians back home accountable and responsive to their constituents overseas. My goal is to help DA members in non-CC countries have their voices heard and their participation enhanced.”

As Non-CC DPCA Voting Representative, Becca and her three Non-CC colleagues from AP and Americas will join the 265 other voting representatives who over the next months will vote on amendments to the DA Charter, proposed DA resolutions, the 2024 Delegate Selection Plan, and, finally, to elect the DA International Executive Committee. Thank you for your service Becca!